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Here’s An Email Template For You To Use!

Wow. My first video is closing in on 1000 views. I just sent out this email.

You could do this yourself – maybe make a video about your book or website.

Then send an email like mine to friends or to a list.

Of course, I recommend using Twitter, too! And Pinterest. And Facebook.

I’m sure this will work for you!

Hello All!

I found a very useful tool yesterday. I’m using it for free and so can you if you choose.

I made this in about 20 minutes.

The URL that I posted in the video is not the important thing (Though you’re welcome to check it out if you wish).


The thing is this – if it’s your business or your CAUSE or whatever you want to get the word out about (someone’s birthday?) – this is powerful.

I am closing in on 1000 views of this video in under 21 hours.

It’s not earth-shattering, but it’s very, very useful.

And it’s free to try. That’s what I did last night!


Take care,


Charlie Hicks-Moore
(Dr. Network Is Back!)

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Try Animoto!

I just tried Animoto and I’ll bet you will have as much fun as me. After I made the video in about 20 minutes or so I added it to my Pinterest page. You don’t have to approach it from a business perspective if you’d rather not. Just enjoy!

My First Animoto Video On Pinterest

Pinterest Is Here To Stay

While I’m not the most talented at using Pinterest effectively, I do see one big attraction. Visuals. That’s where a lot of people want to go. Maybe not the same people who are reading this.

There are more people willing to watch movies than read books. I don’t know about statistics of reader growth vs. population growth. I can only hope that reading activity is growing faster than the population as a whole.

Seeing without having to read much is so simple for so many. Let’s hope there are plenty of people doing both.

Even so, I’m conducting my own experiment at Pinterest.com/bigmanwalking. Check out my Pinterest page.

See all the pretty colors. It could be perfect for this attention deficit age.

Now I’m hitting a little wall. For those of you keeping score at home, yes, this is a morning page. Check out Julia Cameron if you haven’t already.

What to write about next? I guess I think that in the long term people will appreciate the example of what a morning page can look like. Over and over again.

I hope this will help some who are creatively stuck and it’s also my own exercise. After this I will write more somewhere else and soon a book will be done. How soon I don’t know.

That hope is encouraging and exciting. Keep hope alive.

For those of you who are experiencing no creative blocks, this probably looks self-indulgent or wasteful of time or something.

Remember, one of the keys is to NOT judge the process. I find it like brainstorming. Judgement shuts down the flow of ideas.

We could be talking about Mickey Mouse one minute and Shaquille O’Neal the next. Then we’re on to the Middle East or Bruce Willis. Next the Ting Tings and after that the sale of the Dodgers. Maybe that woman killed in Lakeside, California for being a muslim.

That’s right down the road from me. I think it’s no more than 45 minutes if you don’t hit traffic.

I’m pretty sure there’s still a pastor there that I know.

When I was a senior in high school and into my early college years, he was the associate pastor of the church I attended in Escondido. Now he’s been senior pastor there for over 25 years. This woman was probably in kindergarten when he moved there. I’m not sure if they have or had kindergarten where she was originally from in Iraq, but she’s been here for 20 years. She was here for 20 years before she was killed.

Somebody wrote “terrorist” or something like it on a wall(?). Seems like a real hate crime.

Some people don’t think we should distinguish between regular crime and hate crime. I’m not so sure.

If this stuff turns out to be accurate, and I’m guessing that it will if they catch the perpetrator or perpetrators, this will prove to be a crime that wouldn’t have happened if this person or persons didn’t have prejudice against someone because of their background or religion.

That’s a pretty big deal to me. If the hate for the religion didn’t exist, then the false conclusion that this woman was a terrorist would never have come up.

She had lived here for 20 years. That’s longer than most people in this county. I think that’s true as I’m one of the few originals left here in San Diego County in my age group or older. There are probably only 25,000 people left. Maybe a lot less here in San Diego who are actually from here. There are over 2 million people in the county.

So this/these morons don’t like that someone is a muslim and foreign-born and think that because of that she was a terrorist?

And now she’s gone. Tragic.

I’m not sure I really wanted to go here in this post. It’s just where I ended up.

The thing is (and I know I say that a lot) that we sometimes have to go to places that are uncomfortable if we’re going to be our authentic selves.

That means we keep pushing even if we would rather talk about the nice pictures on Pinterest.

Nothing really wrong with nice pictures on Pinterest.

But reality is more than those nice pictures.

It is what it is.

We can say that it’s sad.

I know that I might step on some toes here, but objective reality is what is really happening.

Whether it’s sad or evil or messed up or whatever description you put on it, that is your judgement.

Fear of other people’s judgement can lessen your honesty about how you see the situation.

Personally, I do feel sad that this has happened. I am saddened that this woman died probably because of someone’s hate.

I like to think that San Diego County is better than this.

This happens all over the world. What we do about it is how we can improve the situation.

Education. That’s what we need.

More people need to be educated about people who are different from themselves.

That can be a big problem when some people seem to be against the very idea of education.

How do you educate someone who actively resists learning?