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Welcome To Authors, Offers & Others – AOO!

This is not my first rodeo.  What will you see here at AOO?

[It’s pronounced awooooooo or ow-oooooooo.]

For our purposes we will let those who write be called authors, but the emphasis will be on those who have published or anticipate publishing books soon.

Offers will be a broad term as well. Hopefully there will be a proportionate share of offers from the authors themselves.

Others will include both other people and the word “other” in various forms.

I’ll start with an offer of a book I’ve read – HOW.

I signed up and a few weeks later it arrived in the mail free of all charges.

Because I have already liked the page on Facebook, I cannot see if the free offer

still stands.  If you’re even on the fence about the book I encourage you to take

advantage of the offer.

Please let me know if Dov Seidman’s offer of a free book delivered is still available.

Check out Facebook.com/HowIsTheAnswer

Please be gentle in your criticism of my blog.  I don’t think this will be my last rodeo, either.