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How Do I Get My Wordpress Blog On The Right Date?

Now I’ve been blogging since late January and I’ve blogged every day this month. I’m pretty sure this is the 28th day in a row that I’ve posted. The thing is that WordPress starts the new day at 4 pm my time. Can anyone help me change this? It looks like I’ve missed some days and that’s not the case. If I blog at 7 am one day and the next day I don’t post until 5 pm, it will look like I skipped a day. I’d simply like my time and date to be correct. Help!?

Now that I’ve put that out there I want to talk a little about networking.

For those of you who just put up your defenses – I’m not referring to network marketing. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Many people like to refer to social networking and I guess the reason that I refer to it as simply networking is that IMHO, too many people put so much emphasis on social that they often don’t get anything done. And I can be as social as the next guy or gal.

Today I spent over three hours meeting with someone I met at a networking event. By the way, did you know that you’re not supposed to verbally vomit about your business or career at a networking event? Here’s some awesome advice, really! When you meet someone at a networking event, that is just step one. You are learning just a brief bit about what each of you do and then you can set up a time to get together one on one. If you’re really good at it, you might meet in groups of three or four later on. But only if that style works for you.

I’ve been networking longer than most of the younger ones have been adults. I know of where I speak.

How about building a network of people that you really get along with well?

Think about it. You can choose who you want in your network. I don’t mean to sound exclusive, but if someone is really a PITA, maybe you don’t want to encounter that often or at all.

Recently I’ve started developing some relationships with people on Twitter. I think it’s an underutilized resource for many people, but you have to be willing to put in a little time. I thought of Dane Cook building his career by chatting over the internet. Many people think he’s not that funny when you get down to it. Yet he’s got a big fan base.

He was being productively social as he built that fan base. I’m sure there was very little Farmville being played if it existed back then.

That brings me to Facebook. There is a great strength in Facebook which is that it is designed for people who have relationships of relative equals. I’m not making value judgements here. I’m talking about how they interact. If you want to build a group of followers, maybe Twitter is better suited for that. Many people don’t expect the level of interaction on Twitter. Many seem to be ok with following you for whatever information you’re putting out.

Counterintuitively, Twitter seems to be shaping up as a place to meet people who you can do business with. I think because so many people try to behave on Facebook like it’s Twitter that that is getting in the way of the possible two-way effectiveness of Facebook. And many people are on Facebook to simply play. I find that when you start a conversation with someone on Twitter, it’s much easier to reach a point where you might then send email back and forth sooner. On Facebook I actually had someone infer that I was spamming him the other day when I sent him a website during a chat. I was talking about Kiva.org. I’m glad that he was sharing that with me instead of simply accusing me of it to Facebook itself, but I told him perhaps we shouldn’t connect anymore.

When he didn’t want me to chat with him or message him or post to his wall or connect with him through email or by phone, I questioned why we should be connected since he isn’t related to me and doesn’t go to church with me. Nor is he someone I used to work with or go to school with.

Two things. I don’t spam people. I do sometimes share stuff that I’m excited about. I like to post music videos on my wall and sometimes I post music videos on someone else’s wall if it’s their birthday. I try to send a message directly to someone (individually) if I want to share something with them that I feel they will find relevant based on what they know of me and what I know of them. If the mere act of sharing something is not welcome, then what are we doing here? (I don’t have a problem with someone saying that they would rather not hear about a particular thing, but I don’t appreciate it if they accuse me of spam.) Rarely someone will let me know not to post a music video on their birthday, but most people like it or love it! Also, anyone is free to believe what they like, but please do me the courtesy of communicating with me directly if there is a problem.

That brings me back to what I said to this guy. If no communication is welcome of any kind, then I would rather just unfriend. Why? Well, what is the point? Some people are simply connecting with other people so that they can talk to the connections of those people. That in itself I don’t find too bad, EXCEPT, that particular phenomenon is usually related to them SOLICITING your connections in some way. So if they don’t want to talk to you, then they either want to talk to your connections and exclude you or they are taking up space. Sometime in the next couple of years I will hit 5000 followers on Facebook and I’m pretty sure that’s the limit. If you don’t ever want to talk to me or me to you, then you are welcome to follow my pubic figure page on Facebook, rather than my profile. Does this seem fair to you? I am interested in honest feedback.