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Why WordPress?

Now that I’ve been doing “morning pages” for 30 days I’m going to write more each day than I have in the past month. I’ll finish my exercise for Authors, Offers And Others and then write something for my new business blog or some fiction.

Some people might say that in taking 30 days to get to this point I have taken too long. The thing to remember about this exercise is that you want to reserve judgement. I am here because I did what I could every day for 30 days. Could I have done more? Yes. But here I am and I haven’t stopped. I keep going.

WordPress has something to do with my continuing on. There’s just something about the ease of use and the look that seems simple to me and a little bit elegant.

If you check out BigManWalking or one of my other blogs you’ll see a big difference. It’s not just that I was talking more specifically about walking, exercise and goals. To each his own, but I think more and more people are using WordPress and WP is changing to help us, too. They are making it easier for us to interact with social media.

For my money (What do you say when it’s free?), WordPress has created something pretty incredible and I still can’t believe it’s free. I look forward to exploring it further as I have a new blog that’s just about up at YouAddValue.com. What ELSE can I do when I own the domain name and I’m using WordPress.org? Stay tuned…

Is what you’re attempting to do happening? Are you making it happen? What do you need to get there?

Over 10 years ago I discovered a group of entrepreneurs who ask each other these types of questions. What do you need next most? Why kind of person do you need to meet? What service do you need?

I think writers and creative people could benefit from that kind of language and interaction with each other. Lots of people in our society have lost touch with the entrepreneurial spirit. When you think in terms of creating value and cooperative interaction, you can get stuff done faster.

Some who aren’t so inclined to make a profit can take solace in the idea that there is more than one kind of value. Most people think of monetary value when they ask or answer those questions, but spiritual value is another possibility. I don’t mean to imply that you shouldn’t figure out how to make money, because most people still need to figure that out. That’s just the planet we live on.

But if you’re somehow not ready for that, then you would do well to consider spiritual value. How can you and I add value?

What makes it more worthwhile to other people?

This isn’t a primer, just some observations. Though you might want to pay attention to my new blog when it’s up to see if there’s someone there who can help you.

Just reach out and touch someone. Like the old phone commercials.

Many problems or challenges are pretty solveable. You just need to figure out who to look to.

I’ve even heard of a man finding a wife in this type of conversation. When he went through the exercise with a group of entrepreneurs who were almost all there for business reasons, he asked for an introduction to a specific type of woman and he got a few referrals. Two people directed him to the same person and they later married.

If you’ve gotten in the habit of not believing that you can get to where you want to go, this may seem like nonsense.

The truth is that if you don’t tell someone what you need, they aren’t psychically going to figure it out.

If you do and you are clear and specific, they can figure out if they know someone who might be able to help or if they don’t know someone like that.

If you need a writing coach, I can refer you. She has helped over 250 published authors.

Some may wonder about how much something like that costs.

Well, there are ways to structure deals so that you can get money before you write a book if that money is going towards that book being published.

You have to be willing to learn. It’s not unlike learning French. You might even learn the rudimentary skills more quickly than you could learn French.

BUT, if you are predisposed to believe that making money is bad or you don’t deserve to make money or anyone who makes over x dollars in a year is a bad person or doing something wrong, you will take a while longer to get there.

You’ll have to unlearn that kind of judgemental thinking.

Or you could just hold onto those beliefs and take that much longer to get there. It’s your choice.


4th Time The Charm With Social Oomph

I really hope this test post works out. ┬áSocial Oomph tells me that what blocked the previous 3 posts was WordPress itself. ┬áSo I changed the status of my other account – BigManWalking – to Administrator.

If this does the trick – great job Social Oomph!

Imagine being able to manage Twitter and your blog and more and posting ahead of time!

I can write 12 posts and have them publish once a day or so!

You’re welcome to talk to me about Social Oomph on Facebook.com/BigManWalking