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Here’s An Email Template For You To Use!

Wow. My first video is closing in on 1000 views. I just sent out this email.

You could do this yourself – maybe make a video about your book or website.

Then send an email like mine to friends or to a list.

Of course, I recommend using Twitter, too! And Pinterest. And Facebook.

I’m sure this will work for you!

Hello All!

I found a very useful tool yesterday. I’m using it for free and so can you if you choose.

I made this in about 20 minutes.

The URL that I posted in the video is not the important thing (Though you’re welcome to check it out if you wish).


The thing is this – if it’s your business or your CAUSE or whatever you want to get the word out about (someone’s birthday?) – this is powerful.

I am closing in on 1000 views of this video in under 21 hours.

It’s not earth-shattering, but it’s very, very useful.

And it’s free to try. That’s what I did last night!


Take care,


Charlie Hicks-Moore
(Dr. Network Is Back!)

P.S. Are You Growing Your Business Fast Enough? Here’s my new blog!


Progress For My Site And Yours

Please don’t miss the lessons I’m learning. If you read the previous post you’ll know that I created a video with Animoto. Then I created another video 20 minutes after the post. It took me about 40 minutes to create those videos and I didn’t upload anything. It was free.

What does this have to do with you?

Well, you can do it. Just. Like. Me.


I assume that you would like more visitors to a website. Oh…you don’t have a website?

OK. What about your blog?

Would you like more visitors?

I’m closing in on 600 total views of these videos and as I write this that means my videos received those visitors in less than 4 hours.

I’ve never personally experienced legitimate visitors like that.

If you have or you do, well, God bless you.

It’s new to me.

Here are the videos:

(Don’t worry about my URL – although you’re welcome to visit – because you can insert your own!)

My First Animoto Video

My Second Animoto Video

Try Animoto!

I just tried Animoto and I’ll bet you will have as much fun as me. After I made the video in about 20 minutes or so I added it to my Pinterest page. You don’t have to approach it from a business perspective if you’d rather not. Just enjoy!

My First Animoto Video On Pinterest