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Here’s An Email Template For You To Use!

Wow. My first video is closing in on 1000 views. I just sent out this email.

You could do this yourself – maybe make a video about your book or website.

Then send an email like mine to friends or to a list.

Of course, I recommend using Twitter, too! And Pinterest. And Facebook.

I’m sure this will work for you!

Hello All!

I found a very useful tool yesterday. I’m using it for free and so can you if you choose.

I made this in about 20 minutes.

The URL that I posted in the video is not the important thing (Though you’re welcome to check it out if you wish).

The thing is this – if it’s your business or your CAUSE or whatever you want to get the word out about (someone’s birthday?) – this is powerful.

I am closing in on 1000 views of this video in under 21 hours.

It’s not earth-shattering, but it’s very, very useful.

And it’s free to try. That’s what I did last night!

Take care,


Charlie Hicks-Moore
(Dr. Network Is Back!)

P.S. Are You Growing Your Business Fast Enough? Here’s my new blog!


Writers Might Benefit From This Strategy

I know a lot of writers read about the craft of writing. This post is not about that. It’s about getting legitimate eyeballs to see your website or blog or video.

Read the previous three posts.

Here’s my current update…

Some of you know that I have an alien friend who speaks through me on Twitter. (Pause.)

You read that right.

Now I’m only going to say this once in print and here it is. I’m not crazy.

I understand that this character is a character. OK?

On with the show.

You can read his Twitter feed at

When people follow Tweet Geist Guy on Twitter he sends them a Thank You Tweet aimed at them as in: @hotrichgirlauthor

(An alien stuck out in space can dream, can’t he?)

Included in the thank you is a link to a video we made this morning for free. This video is titled Welcome & Thank You! Which Are You? 😉 and now I can actually track how fast it gets more visitors relative to the Thank Yous that are sent.

I will keep you updated, but it had 84 views and after 10 more Thank You Tweets it had 104 views. Will this remain constant? I don’t know, but by my count that’s 20 views for 10 Thank Yous. I may have to talk to a buddy about automating those Thank Yous.

This buddy is not an alien and lives in San Diego.

If You’re Impressed Then This Could Help You

I’m just about to go to bed.

This is an update for the previous two posts.

Just over 5 1/2 hours and the first video has 617 views.

The second has 399 views.

Over 1000 total views and I think that’s very good.

You could do the same to promote your blog or website.

I’m amazed that this level is free.

Just sayin…

…and here’s my other blog where I’ll explore this more in the future:


Progress For My Site And Yours

Please don’t miss the lessons I’m learning. If you read the previous post you’ll know that I created a video with Animoto. Then I created another video 20 minutes after the post. It took me about 40 minutes to create those videos and I didn’t upload anything. It was free.

What does this have to do with you?

Well, you can do it. Just. Like. Me.


I assume that you would like more visitors to a website. Oh…you don’t have a website?

OK. What about your blog?

Would you like more visitors?

I’m closing in on 600 total views of these videos and as I write this that means my videos received those visitors in less than 4 hours.

I’ve never personally experienced legitimate visitors like that.

If you have or you do, well, God bless you.

It’s new to me.

Here are the videos:

(Don’t worry about my URL – although you’re welcome to visit – because you can insert your own!)

My First Animoto Video

My Second Animoto Video

Try Animoto!

I just tried Animoto and I’ll bet you will have as much fun as me. After I made the video in about 20 minutes or so I added it to my Pinterest page. You don’t have to approach it from a business perspective if you’d rather not. Just enjoy!

My First Animoto Video On Pinterest

My Creativity Is Taking Me To New Places

I just started another blog that is not related to writing, except insofar as a writer can convince or illuminate or educate.

My new blog is about online business that you can engage in at home.

I’ve mentioned earlier that I have two new mentors.

You’re welcome to visit anytime.

You might learn something that will lead you to have the freedom to do what you’re passionate about whether that’s writing or something else.

Who knows? You might learn a guerrilla method of selling books or something.

Here it is!

I know that some people reading my blog are writers. That’s what they do and that’s what they want to do. Period. Or they are people who want to derive more income from writing until they reach the point where they can give up their other job. Or they like their job and they like writing.

They blog so that people will see their writing and buy their books if they have them.

I would like to publish books this year.

However, that’s not the only way that I’m open to creating income.

For those of you who can’t possibly think of making money by selling your books, I apologize.

I’m ok with making money from books that I create.

I’m even ok if some books are designed with making money in mind.

But in the long run I would like the freedom to write whatever I please with enough income coming in from previous sources.

Because I’m open to creating more income as well as writing and publishing books I decided to check out an online mentor who looks really honest to me.

I’ve seen a lot of them over the years.

This one impressed me (and I’m not going to tell you who he is today – so there!) with his sincerity AND with his track record.

So I am using two strategies starting today and tomorrow.

One strategy involves creating another blog. I’m in the process of doing that.

From what I can see this blog will be a potential income generator. (Theoretically this one could, but I don’t mean $100 every decade. I already have one of those. LOL)

The other idea is using a domain name to generate income through affiliate marketing.

Hence the title of this post.

It’s an interesting concept. is something I would not have thought of anytime soon if not for this mentor. I’ll write more about it on my new blog. is already taken, but the owner isn’t doing anything with it right now.

There’s a tool called keyword tool (appropriately enough) that you can search on Google. It lets you know how often a phrase is searched in a month. I thought that kids and math was searched enough that it made sense to risk a little less than $11.00 on it for the year. If someone purchases the product just once in the next year I will have made a small profit. You can check kids and math using the keyword tool and see if you think that number is big enough. I was pretty impressed.

I find this a little interesting and it didn’t take me more than a few minutes to do.

These are the kinds of ideas I will share on my new blog.

By the way, the product that you will find at looks very helpful for people who want to learn math or teach math to kids.

Now back to our regularly scheduled writing exercise already in progress.

I’m tired of being sick right now. I don’t know if I had some bad salsa last night or if I have a bug.

Is it possible that I’m sick because one of our cats died and I buried it?

I’ll have to do a search on that.

Where was I?

There’s the dog doing his thing outside in the dark. Chasing something.

This morning my wife decided to let the cat outside and then couldn’t find it. That was fun at an hour earlier than I had hoped to get up.

After I drove the cat, who appeared as if from another dimension (we could hear him and not see him for a couple minutes), toward her and he was within a few feet of her, she asked me to get him.

“Really? You couldn’t have asked me that when he was nearly as close to me as he is to you now?”

I think she saw the truth right there and decided to get the cat herself. She did in about a minute as she called him repeatedly while he wound his way back to the place where he had started his journey into wonderland.

Now I was welcome to go back to bed as she left for school.

I had no luck getting back to sleep.

I’m not having any luck getting to sleep right now.

Overtired? Maybe.

I’m glad to spend a few minutes with you.

And I am very sincere in saying that the online mentor I have discovered over the past 24 hours or so seems very impressive.

I’m ok with taking a little detour into something with less literary aspirations.

Monetary aspirations are just fine.

My apologies to the socialists and those who insist on being starving artists.

Come to think of it, this guy mentioned that some people might think he’s a socialist because he’s so reasonable.

I/You Can Help

Over the last few years I have found a great place to help –

This reminds me of a song from the 1970s that I enjoy and occasionally find myself singing:

I Can Help by Billy Swan

You Can Listen/Watch Here.

I’ll come back to the song later.

I Can Help is a great phrase. How often do we use it? Or do it?

One of the great things I’ve found by using Kiva to help is that I get to see faces of people from faraway places and realize that I’m making a quantifiable difference in their lives. It would not be cost effective to go to Samoa and hand someone money, but I can LOAN them money and receive no interest and that will be a big, big help to these micro-business owners from around the world.

I started by loaning $50 and the first woman I loaned to was Malia in Samoa. You can start for as little as $25, but right now you can do it for zero dollars of your own money! That’s right. You can try it out by loaning someone else’s money! If you are wondering, the first person to make this possible this year was Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn. He let people loan a total of nearly a MILLION dollars of his money and after that a second round of these free trials started. As I write this there are still over 5,000 opportunities for YOU to loan out someone else’s money to benefit these mostly third-world entrepreneurs.

By the way, Malia in Samoa borrowed a total of $425 from 17 of us. Each of us loaned her $25 and I’m pretty sure the term of her loan was 13 months. I remember that she paid it off early.

What are you waiting for? It only takes a few minutes to start a free trial. Do it now! FREE TRIAL!

Here’s some more information about my experience:

Including Samoa, I have loaned to people in 18 countries so far like Ghana, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Cambodia, Tanzania, Philippines, El Salvador and more.

So far everyone is continuing to pay back the money and there have been no defaults. The average loan term of my borrowers is around 13 months. You will find people borrowing for as little as 6 or 8 months or as much as 3 years. I prefer to make the shorter term loans so that I can re-loan the money faster.

Because of people paying me back and re-loaning money I have made 40 loans of $25 each. That’s not all from the original $50 I put in as I have little by little increased the amount of money I have at Kiva. When I have been paid back by several people I might have $22.76 in cash in my Kiva account in addition to what is owed me. When that happens I typically send the other $2.24 or whatever through Paypal to Kiva so I can make the next loan faster and I figure that that little bit of money is no big deal. Now I have a total of $256.00 invested in Kiva. At zero percent interest. And it feels good.

Join me now with a FREE TRIAL!

Each loan is accompanied by a photo of the person or the group and you can choose what kind of person/business you wish to support.

The sectors that I have supported so far are:

Retail 35.00%
Food 30.00%
Clothing 10.00%
Agriculture 7.50%
Services 7.50%
Arts 5.00%
Health 2.50%
Housing 2.50%

By the way, Malia in Samoa borrowed her $425 so she could buy more seeds and the like to plant in her garden and then she sold the vegetables she grew to make a profit to support her family.

You might want to help someone who has a store or who makes clothing. Your choice.

Here’s the choice that I frankly do not understand with this offer. When someone else is giving money for you to loan so that you can experience what it feels like to do good in this way, why NOT?

You can check out the site and see lots of statistics and I understand that completely if it’s your money. If you loan YOUR money I’m sure you want to check out all the numbers and the results like the repayment rate of over 98%. Keep in mind that my repayment rate so far is 100%. I’ve gotten every penny back that I’ve loaned out. It’s just that I choose to keep reloaning that money over and over. That’s how I could make 40 loans of $25 each with only $256 in my Kiva account.

Since you’re loaning someone else’s money with this promotion, please join me in helping others RIGHT NOW!

So that’s my pitch. Sort of. You can contact me on Facebook at or you can comment on this blog.

Now for more about the song – I Can Help by Billy Swan.

I know that this song is about being helpful to a woman who’s a single mother, but it does apply.

There’s a line or three in there about:

If your child needs a daddy, I can help

It would sure do me good, to do you good

Lemme help

When you hear the words, and I urge you to give it a listen through the link near the beginning of this post, the phrase “to do you good” is really quite innocuous. It’s innocent, in my opinion. Back when Billy Swan recorded this song people did not refer to doing someone the way we do today. You’re just going to have to trust me on this. If anyone was using this phrase the way many people do today, it was a small isolated group, so please listen to the song from a more innocent (though not completely innocent) time. It’s similar to the way The Zombies sang, “Who’s Your Daddy?” It didn’t mean then what it does today to so many people.

So listen to it with innocent ears. You remember. Like when you were in kindergarten or preschool? You remember.

And that’s how I want you to join me in helping people on Kiva. With innocent intentions.

One Last Appeal For Kiva

Several weeks ago Reid Hoffman donated enough money for 38,000 people to make loans of HIS money at Kiva. I’ve been loaning money to entrepreneurs all over the world through that site for nearly 2 1/2 years. That’s using my own money. It’s sort of like charity except you get paid back at zero percent interest. You could theoretically lose money that you lend, but in this case you would be losing Reid Hoffman’s money. Who is Reid Hoffman? He’s the founder of LinkedIn. He’s a multi-millionaire or perhaps billionaire, so $950,000 isn’t as much to him as it is to you and me. That’s right. He is letting us loan $25 of his money. That is, 38,000 of us who aren’t already registered at the site are free to register (for free) and loan his money.

So YOU can’t lose money. Just Reid. I’ve been grateful that some people have taken me up on this offer, but I still believe more people would like to participate if they truly understand that this non-profit is doing some real good and they can be a part of it. No risk to you except for your time. Please don’t be cynical. Don’t miss your chance to see the impact of this website around the world. Out of 38,000 spots, there are now around 2400 left as I write this. I am amazed that it has taken this long to exhaust the money. Don’t miss your chance.

A road diverged in the woods…

Follow the link in the first paragraph. Now I’m done with my urging you on.

This writing is getting better and better. Do you find that? I guess I should say easier and easier. I’m not sure how you view the quality.

Whether tired or sleepy or wide awake or relaxed or keyed up, just keep on track. That’s what we all have to do. Keep on track. Again and again. If you fall off the horse, get back on and ignore the cliche. Just do it!

Shopping at Sprouts today I realized that they’re not as good a deal as Henry’s used to be. I think I’ll go to the other store whose name escapes me right now. Some of there stuff is just more expensive than other stores. Is it better? I can’t say that that is the case. Trader Joe’s beats them on a lot of products.

Maybe I just look for stuff that not everbody buys. We get goat’s milk and have for nearly 20 years since we figured out that our son can digest it more easily than cow’s milk. Trader Joe’s quart is $2.99 I think. They only have the Meyenberg(?) half gallon for $7.98. That’s a big jump. That’s not the only example.

More and more these types of price comparisons are available through applications. Soon you’ll be able to check nearly every store in your area to compare prices over your phone. I’m just not sure that a lot of these stores understand that. Maybe they are depending on a customer base that is old enough to largely be ignorant of these new possibilities. I don’t know.

I’ve also noticed that Trader Joe’s really, really tries to keep their checkout lines moving. They seem to be opening new lines all the time when they aren’t operating at full capacity and they actively come by and say, “I’m open over here, sir.” I don’t see Sprouts or Vons or Stater Bros. or Albertson’s or any other “old-fashioned” stores doing that. Between Costco and Trader Joe’s we can get most of what we need.

It’s like the old stores don’t pay attention or don’t care. But they aren’t really doing much to compete. They do have their “clubs”, but they take extra time in the line and they seem to operate like a factory in a way. There’s no real time for conversation and they expect you to answer their perfunctory questions and do what you have to do with your club member number as well as debit card or whatever and move right through. On top of that they are often verbally or electronically soliciting donations. I don’t recall that happening at Trader Joe’s or Costco.

They just seem not to get it.

Several years ago Vons employees went on strike and I supported them in their efforts to retain their pay and benefits, but they essentially lost. Things really haven’t been the same since. I realize that I’m getting older, but so many of these employees seem so young. Many of the employees I used to know and would have short conversations with are long gone. They simply got fewer and fewer hours on the schedule versus the younger employees who are paid less and many left on their own.

A friend of my son’s commented a few years ago that I seemed to know the names of many of the cashiers I encountered on a daily basis. I still strive to learn their names but we are moved through the lines so quickly now that I don’t know as many of them by name.

I wonder if it’s just a matter of time until Albertson’s combines with Ralph’s or Stater Bros. or Vons. How can they survive the way they do things? They can’t cut their employees pay much more, can they?

When I was around 20, Vons and Safeway combined and all the stores in our area are called Vons. I think only a few Safeways survive anywhere.

But, back then I don’t know if Trader Joe’s existed. I do know that there were none around here.

You also have the march of technology. At Albertson’s you have some checkout lines that are automated and usually I use those if I don’t have very many items. They also have those at Home Depot. It’s an interesting twist.

While that seems like it might be the inevitable march of progress, there’s something else that makes it slightly better than simply eliminating jobs. In my opinion, it’s a step up that the stores can trust customers to scan their own purchases. That seems like a good thing. They do that with headphones at Virgin Airlines in the pre-boarding area. You pay something like $2.00 for the headphones and they simply trust you to put the money in the slot. Part of that is Virgin simply being practical. It does take more time to have someone to police that and you would have to pay them to do that. Instead, they enhance the relationship with customers by trusting them and making it convenient for them.

Maybe grocery stores could look to Virgin’s example. Of course, I guess there will always be some neighborhoods where the stores wouldn’t trust the customers as much. Maybe not, though. Maybe the customers would respond to the trust.

This Blog Set A Record Today

Today was really something in the short life (so far) of this blog. Over 100 visitors in one day. Pretty cool. Twitter has been a big help. So has my alien buddy, Tweet Geist Guy.

I’m not sure what this means for the future, but Twitter will be part of it. If you’re not using Twitter to publicize your blog, you are missing out. If you’re not seeing much activity and you have a Twitter account, it’s probably because you don’t have enough followers. Follow people and most will follow you back. Also, Tweet Geist Guy follows a lot of writers & bloggers. I figure that writers write.

Many people don’t understand the equation. People will respond to your messages on Twitter. Get lots of people to follow you. Follow people who will respond. To do that, follow people and you’ll eventually figure out who responds. If you retweet someone else’s message and they don’t acknowledge OR return the favor, I suggest you don’t retweet them for a while. Maybe they don’t get it. Maybe they don’t care or maybe they’re just not there right now.

Did you know that you can send your tweets in automatically through different services? If the people who follow you are doing this, but they NEVER or rarely are actually on Twitter themselves, they are not going to be responsive.

I don’t see anything wrong with having that service if you are actually spending some real time on Twitter OR if what you have to share is of such great value that merely sharing it is a good thing. I think Guy Kawasaki falls in this second category. I don’t think he actually spends time on Twitter, but he sends some truly helpful, informational or WOW-type links. If he ever sends crap on a regular basis I am sure that will be reflected in his vast number of followers not being so vast after a while.

Most people give up too soon. I see some people asking for help because they are “this” close to whatever magic number. The problem with asking for people – begging people, in a sense – to follow you is that they probably won’t be that responsive to you. They’re just a number and ultimately, you would like people to respond to you or retweet you or take action in some way because of what you tweet. If you give up because you’ve got 1200 followers and not much is happening, maybe you need to get more followers.

Tweet Geist Guy now has over 9,000 followers. On December 8th of 2011 he didn’t exist on Twitter. Over 100 visitors to this blog today. He invaded my brain and since he’s taking up space, the least he can do is tell people about my blog when he thanks them for following him. What if he has 50,000 followers by this time next year. That is very possible if people continue to follow him at about the same rate. Next year I could be saying that I have 600 or 700 followers each day. That might not seem like much compared to the big websites, but it’s pretty darn good for a blog.

What about 5 years from now? Tweet Geist Guy could 250,000 followers and possibly 3000 people a day could be visiting this blog. I’ve seen people who have a blog and have been posting for years and maybe their total is 17,000 visitors total. 3000 people a day is over 1 MILLION visitors a year. I’m not saying this will get someone rich, but it might. Also, if your goal is for lots of people to see your writing so that you can sell books, keep getting more followers to your Twitter account and send them to your blog.

We did an experiment a couple weeks ago with an income opportunity & sent out a message about a dozen times a day for a few days. I got visitors to the website, but no real results monetarily. And, every now and then, when Tweet Geist Guy tries to follow someone, it says that they have blocked him from following. Not very often, but my guess is that those messages bothered some people because of their content – making money – and their frequency. My only other guess is that some people might be freaked out by talk of aliens.

My point is that you want to send messages that you expect are going to be of some interest to your audience. Some people might decide to not follow you and that’s their choice. But if you send something they find obnoxious, that might encourage them to block you. Many people consider money-making opportunities obnoxious, I guess. But that experiment is over with Tweet Geist Guy.

What do YOU want to say with your Twitter account? With your blog? I’m still formulating my message. Finding my audience. And I have more than one purpose. Right now I’m practicing writing using Julia Cameron’s method or a loose approximation of it. More and more people are following Tweet Geist Guy and me – CNetwork1 – on Twitter. When I finally get my books written, maybe I’ll have a sympathetic audience. That’s my hope.

Also, in this process I am not just stretching my muscles in a literary (ok, quasi-literary) way, I’m making progress in defining my literary goals more specifically. Not matter what area your goals lie in, being specific will definitely help you get there faster. Have you defined your goals? Are you specific?

You really can do what you want to do.

Have you heard those people who say you can have it all?

I’ve been involved with personal development work for nearly two decades now. My friend and mentor, Fran Cannon, has helped thousands of people create better lives for themselves or at least, given them the tools to do so.

You CAN’T have it all. Did I fool you? Did you think I was going to say that you CAN have it all?


BUT, and it’s a huge BUT- you can have what you want.

You can’t be the next Michael Jordan, the next Barack Obama, the next Brad Pitt and the next Albert Einstein.

You can pick one thing and do it incredibly well. Maybe even two.

There are sacrifices that you have to make.

If you want to be a great writer, you first have to be a good writer. In order to be a good writer you have to be a writer.

You have to write to be a writer. Otherwise, you’re an idea guy. Nothing wrong with that, per se, but you have to write something down to be a writer.

That takes time. You can even get the technology so you can speak into a microphone and it translates that into writing. I might do that someday.

They say it’s faster. The thing is…writing means putting in the time to write.

If you are writing that means that the time you took to write was time that you didn’t use for something else.

I’m not a great multitasker, but I don’t think anyone is going to be doing much else at the exact time that they are writing.

Maybe humming. I guess you could hum and write, but I don’t see a lot of money being made (or art, for that matter) in the humming business.

So, turn off the TV. Or cut short a conversation. Move faster doing something else so you can get down to writing. Or whatever it is that you want to do.

I didn’t really get down to it until I was 49 years old.

Some would say I haven’t really started yet, but don’t let critics get you down.

When I was 4 yrs old I asked my mom, “How will I learn to read?”

I remember that I was looking at a billboard in Encinitas, CA next to a 7-Eleven that’s still there. Just a couple blocks from moonlight beach, riding in the car with my mom.
I didn’t understand what the symbols on the billboard meant. My mom told me that I didn’t have to worry, that I would learn to read.

About the same time I learned to read, I learned to write.

When people ask me how long it took me to write my first book I guess I’ll tell them it took me about 45 years.