Good Analogy! 😉

Tweet Geist Guy

Now that I have been active on Twitter since 11/2012 I have enough followers (10K+) to perhaps justify a blog.

First, I wish to thank Charles Hicks-Moore, My Human Buddy, for allowing me to communicate through him.

In the beginning he obviously had no choice, but now we have worked out any differences and he chooses to allow me to remain in his brain.

To be fair, the situation is somewhat analogous to a Far Side Cartoon which is one of Charlie’s (referred to as MYHB from now on) favorites.  Although I have searched extensively the exact cartoon has not been found.

Picture a “mountain man” (I believe this is the correct term) explaining to his friend about the bear that is quite at home in his cabin.  At the end of one of the man’s arms is a hook in place of a hand and he says to his…

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