I know that some people reading my blog are writers. That’s what they do and that’s what they want to do. Period. Or they are people who want to derive more income from writing until they reach the point where they can give up their other job. Or they like their job and they like writing.

They blog so that people will see their writing and buy their books if they have them.

I would like to publish books this year.

However, that’s not the only way that I’m open to creating income.

For those of you who can’t possibly think of making money by selling your books, I apologize.

I’m ok with making money from books that I create.

I’m even ok if some books are designed with making money in mind.

But in the long run I would like the freedom to write whatever I please with enough income coming in from previous sources.

Because I’m open to creating more income as well as writing and publishing books I decided to check out an online mentor who looks really honest to me.

I’ve seen a lot of them over the years.

This one impressed me (and I’m not going to tell you who he is today – so there!) with his sincerity AND with his track record.

So I am using two strategies starting today and tomorrow.

One strategy involves creating another blog. I’m in the process of doing that.

From what I can see this blog will be a potential income generator. (Theoretically this one could, but I don’t mean $100 every decade. I already have one of those. LOL)

The other idea is using a domain name to generate income through affiliate marketing.

Hence the title of this post.

It’s an interesting concept. is something I would not have thought of anytime soon if not for this mentor. I’ll write more about it on my new blog. is already taken, but the owner isn’t doing anything with it right now.

There’s a tool called keyword tool (appropriately enough) that you can search on Google. It lets you know how often a phrase is searched in a month. I thought that kids and math was searched enough that it made sense to risk a little less than $11.00 on it for the year. If someone purchases the product just once in the next year I will have made a small profit. You can check kids and math using the keyword tool and see if you think that number is big enough. I was pretty impressed.

I find this a little interesting and it didn’t take me more than a few minutes to do.

These are the kinds of ideas I will share on my new blog.

By the way, the product that you will find at looks very helpful for people who want to learn math or teach math to kids.

Now back to our regularly scheduled writing exercise already in progress.

I’m tired of being sick right now. I don’t know if I had some bad salsa last night or if I have a bug.

Is it possible that I’m sick because one of our cats died and I buried it?

I’ll have to do a search on that.

Where was I?

There’s the dog doing his thing outside in the dark. Chasing something.

This morning my wife decided to let the cat outside and then couldn’t find it. That was fun at an hour earlier than I had hoped to get up.

After I drove the cat, who appeared as if from another dimension (we could hear him and not see him for a couple minutes), toward her and he was within a few feet of her, she asked me to get him.

“Really? You couldn’t have asked me that when he was nearly as close to me as he is to you now?”

I think she saw the truth right there and decided to get the cat herself. She did in about a minute as she called him repeatedly while he wound his way back to the place where he had started his journey into wonderland.

Now I was welcome to go back to bed as she left for school.

I had no luck getting back to sleep.

I’m not having any luck getting to sleep right now.

Overtired? Maybe.

I’m glad to spend a few minutes with you.

And I am very sincere in saying that the online mentor I have discovered over the past 24 hours or so seems very impressive.

I’m ok with taking a little detour into something with less literary aspirations.

Monetary aspirations are just fine.

My apologies to the socialists and those who insist on being starving artists.

Come to think of it, this guy mentioned that some people might think he’s a socialist because he’s so reasonable.


2 responses

  1. I don’t see anything wrong with trying something different. Go for it! Heck even when I owned my gift shop, I still worked part time as the manager of a rental car company, it helped that the buildings were just a few hundred yards from each other so I could pop back and forth.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I guess that proximity applies here, too, as it’s all on the computer. 🙂

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