I’m on break. Only I don’t feel like I want to wait to write. LOL

It seemed like break time and now I’ve got these ideas. Things I want to write down in my private blog.

Strike while the iron is hot.

And here I go.

But, wait.

I’m interested in this exercise, too.

Story. That’s where it’s at.

As a Toastmaster for 11 years I have learned that in speaking it’s really about telling a story to bring the listener in and keep them listening.

Still mastering. A minute to learn, but NOT a lifetime to master if you hone your skills.

Writing is a story. At least in this form.

How do you get the reader hooked initially?

I think it’s even more important these days to get them interested in the first paragraph or two.

IF you want your writing to reach a wider audience.

If not, do what you feel.

This is art. But it needs to be comprehensible.

I’m not sure if THIS is art, but it does help me.

How do you get your pump primed?


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