Looks Like It’s Break Time

As per my normal I am on a break after 35 days in a row. Writing that is. My idea of a break isn’t a full-on no writing at all break. It means that I probably write half the days instead of every day.

Interesting day today. I may actually write about it on my other blog.

Consider taking a break when you need to. I also recommend doing it every other day instead of not doing it at all.

Whatever it is that you want to do.

This is getting exciting now. I was just going to do a little blurb here. This would be weird if I actually wrote 2000 words here before midnight Pacific.

I just watch Californication for the very first time. It’s different. Not for everybody. But definitely not boring.

Maybe I’ll just wander off to bed now. Or not.

Our son came home a few minutes ago and came right over and gave me a hug.

Amazing what one thing can do to brighten your day. Even if it’s almost over.

Maybe that’s the best way to end this and get to bed in a great mood.

Happy Breaking!



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