Maybe yesterday was Sunday. Maybe that was it. It’s been a long time since zero (count ’em!) people visited this blog. Maybe readers have come to enjoy my longer than average meanderings.

The purpose of these meanderings is really to warm me up – most of the time. After I get warmed up I write more on my private blog. So yesterday I wrote twice as much on the private blog as I did here.

If something publishable comes from this blog, that’s wonderful. However, it’s not the original intent of these scribblings.

Spellcheck didn’t like the last word of that sentence or, curiously, the first word of this one.

Tomorrow is May. Already!?

Have you been putting anything off? You have 8 more months until the end of 2012 to get those projects completed.

My wife and I got the exercise bike put together yesterday. You won’t believe this. I need to lose some weight before I can use it.

I guess I’ll go take a walk.



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