A Reminder And Then Ramblings

I heard on the radio today from Joel Osteen that one of the best ways to start your day is to notice something you can be grateful for. Then be grateful. Being grateful is a way to start your day in a positive way and it often leads to a better day. Something to consider and maybe not just consider. Be grateful now and tomorrow. Everyday.

Here I am two nights in a row getting started late with this exercise. I’m looking ahead to a few weeks from now when we’ll be on vacation and I’m wondering if I’m going to need to take a break during that time. I’m also wanting to continue doing this every day during this second 30 day period. I’m not sure exactly where I am, but I think this is 26 days in a row.

I’ve written more on my private blog than before and I can definitely see getting two books done this year. Also, if I accelerate the process (and I intend to) I could get done much faster. It feels good to have been writing at this level for so many days. I want to keep it going, especially the streak of days in a row.

I’ve got some insights into my two different alien stories and I’m wondering if my stories of redemption book should be more about me researching the stories as opposed to people submitting their own story. We’ll see.

Today my wife and I went and had lunch with an older friend and she’s got a staph infection and a yeast infection. Her doctor wants to cure the yeast infection first, but the staph infection is in her blood and it seems like the better idea to cure the staph infection first. Apparently you can usually die from a staph infection if it’s not treated. My wife says that happens 80% of the time when it’s untreated. I’m sometimes blown away by the approaches different doctors take. Until now she’s been a pretty health woman in her 80’s and I’m struck by how tenuous life can be at her age. She is quite tired right now and I hope she gets the right help. I’m not a doctor and I’m just trusting my wife’s research. Has anyone ever died of a yeast infection if their immune system wasn’t severely compromised?

Also, our medical system seems so behind the times in terms of record-keeping and transferring of information. I’m still amazed at how much paperwork there can be. Shouldn’t 95% of it be on computers now?

I’m at a loss for words right now. Here’s another reason to do the writing earlier in the day. I’m in the bedroom, but I can hear my wife and son being quite loud in the other room and I prefer it quiet when I’m writing. Exercise or otherwise.

I’ve noticed recently how much can go wrong with human beings physically. Arthritis is just one example. I don’t know how many people realize that if we put different stuff in our bodies we can usually create a better “atmosphere” that doesn’t lead to arthritis. I realize that that isn’t true for every single kind of arthritis, but people should know that they can do something about it – especially before it occurs. I remember my dad talking about arthritis running in the family and I assumed that I would get it. Gout, being a form of it, came into my life about two years ago. Had I known then what I know now I never would have gone on and off the Atkins diet so much. It helped create a more acidic environment in my body.

I’m experiencing something else at this late hour. My fingers aren’t hitting the right keys as often as I would like.

Tomorrow is Sunday and I hope I feel well. I expect to, but I was surprised last Sunday by a lot of pain and didn’t end up going.

Since we’ve moved to San Marcos we’re about 35 minutes from church and it seems that if we’re on the fence we don’t go as often. It does seem like a different world here. More remote. We were not as close as many of the members for years, but it was always about 20 minutes away if there was no traffic. What a difference 12-15 minutes makes.

I look forward to seeing my friend, Emmanuel ofosu Yeboah, tomorrow after the service. If you don’t know who he is you can Google him. You can also check out EmmanuelsGift.com. A couple years ago I got to know him and realized that I had seen him give a talk a couple years prior and somehow I didn’t realize that he attended our church when he was in the U.S. and not home in Ghana. Now he has legal residency so we’ll get to see him more often.

Emmanuel has been an inspiration to his country and to people around the world. He was born without a femur(?) in one leg and his father told his mother to leave him in the jungle. Apparently they do that typically over there. His mother refused and his father left them. He ended up going to school because his mother carried him and when he got too big for her to carry he hopped to school. He didn’t want to beg, so he shined shoes to make money and went on to do something that no one in his country thought a young man with only one good leg could do. Check out his story. That’s all I’ll say for now about Emmanuel, except that he has a strong faith.

I am not sure where to go on this page now. More noise from the other room. At least they’re having a good time. Now our son has come in our bedroom to tell me that he beat his mom in this card game called Rat-A-Tat Cat. Looks like she’s going to take a bath before bed which should give me time to finish as many words as I would like. Except now she’s recounting how he came from behind to win. Apparently she was ahead 5 games to 1 and he came back and won 6 games to 5. Both of them told me the story. No wonder it was noisy!

It is a fun game, but she wants me to play almost every day. I do most of the time, but to be honest, I’m getting a little tired of it. It’s fun for a time, but for me, not every day.

When we got home today I brought in some groceries and then went right back out to get some gas. She knew I had some stuff to do and we had spent hours with our friend Linda in San Diego. I don’t know if I am unusual in that I really entertain myself a lot.

Maybe I had to do that as a kid and got used to it. I don’t know. But I can entertain or occupy myself for days. I don’t see that as a problem, but I think she prefers if I entertain her. I’m just not sure that that is the way things are supposed to be, I guess.

To me, reading is a great way to occupy yourself and you might actually learn something depending on what you read. I have no problem reading while she reads and in fact, we used to do more of that as a family when our son was younger.

We used to regularly go to Barnes & Noble and sometimes the public library, and we would each read a book for an hour or two. Not so much anymore.

One challenge is that Barnes & Noble has gotten rid of the more comfy chairs. I don’t know how it has affected their sales. We used to have a membership card and now we are more likely to buy from Amazon. I would have bought more books from them if they simply kept the chairs they used to have. Now we’ve got a Kindle because it’s cheaper when you buy through Amazon for as many books as we buy in a year. So B&N has lost a lot of our business forever.

They missed out on something that a lot of businesses miss out on. Customers aren’t just looking for books. Don’t get me wrong. Some are. But most are actually looking for an experience. For us, part of that experience was going in to the store and finding those comfortable chairs usually available and sitting and reading and usually buying a book when we were done. To be sure I once read a book all the way through on four or five trips to Barnes & Noble. But that was the exception.

I was looking through our bookshelves today before we went to San Diego for books to read while my wife played cards with our friend. I am sure that I have more than a dozen books that I have bought over the last several years from B&N and I haven’t finished them. Days like today are often the perfect chance to catch up on some of that reading.

But now they do things differently there. The chairs aren’t as comfortable and there aren’t as many. As I said I don’t know how their business is doing these days.

Recently she and I went to a burger place that I think is doing it right. The customer experience thing. And I know it’s not for everybody because some people would find it a little too pricey. But if you’re interested in healthier eating, Elevation Burger is serving up organic beef. And it is good. Very good.

You get two patties on their standard burger. If you’re like me you get concerned when you find out that more cases of mad cow disease have been discovered. I just read this week that they found mad cow in California.

For me it’s a matter of risk vs. reward. The thing about risk in this situation is that even though the risk is small, it is incredibly painful when it happens and there is no cure. My niece did research a few years ago about mad cow disease and what she found is that if you had mad cow you would gladly change places with a cancer patient in a heartbeat. Again, you can Google this stuff. Mad cow disease is from something called a prion. Prions are not living things. There is no way to get a prion out of your body.

Mad cow disease is excruciating and ends in death. I think you can be driven insane before death occurs, but don’t quote me on that.

So even though the risk is small, the terminal nature of the outcome is a big concern. And the pain. I’ve often said that it’s not death that bothers me. It’s the dying. The getting there. Fall out of an airplane and you might have severe panic for a few minutes and if you don’t have a parachute you might actually pass out before you hit and are, essentially, obliterated. So there are worse ways to go and mad cow disease (not the scientific name) is one of the worst. Maybe top five or better.

So if I can drastically reduce my odds of exposure to mad cow by eating organic beef, I will.

Trader Joe’s had good organic beef and so does Costco.

Since I’m not actually selling you any products right now maybe you’ll be more receptive to this next sentence or two.

What’s your health worth?

What’s your life worth?

Eat organic beef only and if you can get it, New Zealand beef.

OK. Now I’m getting really beddy-bye tired.

I don’t think I’ll have a problem sleeping tonight.

Oh. Here’s another suggestion. Eat less beef. I’ve actually started going without meat probably 8-10 days a month. I highly recommend it.

What to eat? You can make yourself a nice greek salad with Feta Cheese. Or if you really aren’t into that you could put some shredded cheddar on it.

What else? Simple banana pancakes. Put one banana and three eggs in the blender and pour it onto the griddle one at a time. Good stuff.

This idea will probably save you money overall, too.

Eat well. Live longer.



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