Now We’re Cookin’

Yesterday I wrote more on my private blog than I wrote here. I think it was the first time that that occurred. I intend to have that become the rule instead of the exception. These posts will become shorter, but you’ll know that I’m posting more to the private blog because that’s where my novels are developing.

Some people might look at this and wonder why I don’t just write there.

There is more than one reason for me to write here. Simply writing what comes out helps me get in touch a little with my unconscious. Also, this can be an example for those who want to do this themselves. After I’ve got the books published this will make more sense.

But the key is that you do not judge what comes out in this type of exercise. You just do it. So I am.

Today I was talking with my son about the band Sparks. Their biggest hit was Cool Places with Jane Weidlin of the Go-Go’s. Here in San Diego we had one of the most progressive alternative rock stations in the world in the early 1980s and we listeners were well aware of Sparks long before they had that hit. They had songs like Angst In My Pants and I Wish I Looked A Little Better (I don’t remember if that’s the title, but it’s a prominent lyric) as well as one I posted on my Facebook group today. You can check that out here. Eaten By the Monster of Love is the title of that song and it was in the movie Valley Girl.
My group is called My Unexpected Song Selection.

Have a great evening!



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