Travel Writing Possibilities

If you’re like me, you love to travel when you get the chance. I haven’t traveled that much over the years, but I’m getting more chances now that I’m a little older. In June we are going to see friends in North Carolina. A few days later my wife and I are going to Las Vegas.

If I’m going to be writing more and more (and I AM!), it seems like it could be a smart thing to add travel writing to my repertoire. My understanding is that most people don’t make a living at travel writing. Still, it could be a way to gain some extra income over the years. Maybe even residual income. I guess it’s time I took another look at that travel writing book on the shelf.

I would be interested in hearing from any readers if they have experience with travel writing.

Another complementary source of income could also be speaking on cruises. Again, this isn’t really income so much as cruising for free when you’re a speaker. If you can write, you can speak. I know what you might be thinking about fear of public speaking and I realize that that is a possibility for many. It’s just that if you can organize your thoughts to write, it’s not that much harder to do it for speaking. You might want to go to Toastmasters to get used to it. I’ve been a Toastmaster for 11 years and it really can be a help.

To be fair, I’m mostly referring to other people getting over their fear of public speaking. I would have a microphone with me almost 24 hours a day if I could. I went to Toastmasters to get better at speaking. I would say that I’m not afraid of speaking over 99% of the time. It really just takes practice to get used to it.

If you write books and want to sell more of them, it could be a good thing to learn how to speak publicly. I highly recommend it.

Here I am relaxing at home before we go out to shop for furniture on my wife’s day off. I am a little surprised at how much a good chair costs. We started looking at Jerome’s and we didn’t find anything that we liked in the mid-range of prices. It seemed that they did have cheap stuff that was cheaply made or damaged. They also had some really nice chairs and loveseats for really nice (re:high) prices. Now I remember why my dad never shopped at Jerome’s. I’d love to shop there if I was wealthy, so maybe I will some day.

In just a little while we will leave for MOR Furniture For Less and see what they’ve got.

My wife actually has the week off from teaching for spring break right now. We get to spend a bunch of time together and I hope it doesn’t turn into just a bunch of chores. We sometimes have different ideas about spending quality time with each other.

She usually feels like she has to be doing something every single minute of the day and it can drive me crazy. She was just relaxing next to me as I typed and she had to get up after maybe 90 seconds or so to get our son to take a picture of a light so we can send it to the manufacturer and hopefully get the right replacement part. She knows that as soon as I get done with my 1100 words or so I can take a picture of it, but she can’t wait. There is no actual reason for it to be done at this moment as 45 minutes from now will do. She just wants it done and won’t let herself relax for a little while while I do my thing.

Now she’s left the room after she got our son to take the picture. I wonder if that sort of thinking could be part of high blood pressure.

Just typing about it I’m not as relaxed as I was a few minutes ago. LOL

Maybe I can get back to there.

I tell myself that this is just an exercise. I take deeper, slower breaths.

I really do like cool air flooding into my lungs. I don’t like this cursor jumping around while I type. What is up with that?

No one has ever explained that to me. Sometimes I would guess that it’s due to the keyboard being just a little too small. But often it doesn’t seem to be connected to any keystrokes. I find that frustrating, but at least it’s not as bad as the replacement computer I was using before this one.

Still, when I saw the news that Sony is laying off 10,000 people I was not surprised. This VAIO leaves a lot to be desired as far as I’m concerned. How far the mighty have fallen. I remember in the 1980’s when Sony was buying up stuff like Columbia records (I think that’s right) and other companies. The walkman was amazing at the time. People didn’t know what they were missing until they got one.

Make a high quality product and there will be people who will pay for it. If you make cheaper stuff you always run the risk of someone undercutting your price. Or you can make something relatively or absolutely unique.

It’s tough to compete against companies like Wal-Mart, so it seems like the safer bet is quality or uniqueness. Lots of people are willing to pay good money for Apple products and they stuck to their version of quality even when people doubted that they could make it. I haven’t checked today, but they recently became the most valuable public company in the world. I know they are still close if they are not still #1.

Have faith in what you are putting out. (Put out good, even great stuff first. Or have faith that you will continue to improve until you get there.)

If you keep practicing, you can get really, really good at public speaking. I’m sure the same holds true for writing. There are lots of categories of writing that can make you a living over the long run. What are you interested in writing about? Keep practicing.

Look for ways to improve. Even in these exercises I’m starting to see ways to modify what I’m writing. Yet I am still true to the exercise itself. I strive to simply let the stuff flow out of me. I can even keep it up with small interruptions now.

And it feels good. So, if you want to have long term success, practice and strive for quality.

Or uniqueness. I suppose that uniqueness could be looked upon as some kind of quality.

If you must write least common denominator stuff until you get to where you want to be, ok.

But keep on practicing. Keep on improving and believe in what you’re doing.

You will get there and you will enjoy the journey more. Apple did.

So can you. That’s right. Even me and even you.


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