Another Easter Has Come And Gone

Well, this one’s not quite over, but I’m the only one up who’s still here. I can hear the neighbor’s party dying down. I’m pretty sure they started last night.

Good sermon this morning. As per usual when our head pastor is preaching. He and his wife and a group from our congregation recently went to the Holy Land. I understand they were moved by the experience. It’s nice that they can do that. I do think it’s a shame that so few can afford it.

Because we attend the Presbyterian Church I sometimes like to tease people when I mention the Holy Land and pretend that I’m talking about Scotland. 😉

I believe God has more of a sense of humor than most people give him credit for. Though I must admit that the evidence for God’s sense of humor is not incredibly evident in the bible.

That’s what I call it. The Bible. I know it’s the fashion for many people to call it The Word Of God these days, but I think the Holy Bible covers it. I don’t think that people realize that they are sort of starting an argument when they insist that people call it The Word. I know that our tradition and our theology point to Jesus as The Word made flesh and that’s good enough for me.

Today I was reminded that we are an Easter people. Christians, I mean. Lots of people really put so much energy into Christmas and the Christmas season and that’s ok. I think that’s fine as long as people don’t insist on it being mandatory. But Easter is the holiday that Jesus actually commanded us to commemorate. That’s right. There’s no requirement to celebrate the birthday of Jesus. That Jehovah’s Witnesses aren’t totally out of whack there, though I’m pretty sure they have a different reason for not celebrating holidays that has to do with John the Baptist. And do they even celebrate Easter? I don’t think so, but I honestly don’t know.

So Easter is a required holiday for Christians or Followers of Jesus as some of prefer to be called. Actually didn’t mean to sound arrogant there. I don’t always realize how things might seem to the reader when I sit down and write and once I do, different interpretations of what I’m writing start to creep in.

Again, this is an exercise that I’m going to be doing for the foreseeable future and I don’t know what’s going to come out when I start hitting these keys. I start with a title and go. One of these days I’m going to start without a title and see what fits there after I’m done. I think I’ll start putting “exercise” down at the bottom so people can tell the difference from other more edited writing. Hopefully they will be able to tell the difference.

OK. Now the son’s home and everybody’s here safe. Not that I worry too much, but sometimes I do. Our son has always been a risk taker and even got an award for that in elementary school. I think that has something to do with his willingness to play soccer for a dozen years or so as a defender against guys who were often bigger than him. They didn’t always play fair and he more than held his own. High school soccer is something they should write a book about. Pretty dangerous stuff at times.
And now he’s deep into karate and other martial arts. I remember hearing about one kid who had his eye socket broken or smashed. I don’t know enough about anatomy to know which would be more likely to be accurate. I just remember being shocked when I heard that this sort of thing happened once in a while. This wasn’t even a competition, if I remember correctly!

What’s more – parents or relatives or friends are not allowed to come to the dojo and watch. Maybe to peek in the very first time to see what it might be like, but not to visit. Ever. That really blew me away. Part of letting him grow up I guess. I think he’s been at it 5 years now and he’s some sort of intermediate brown belt. He loves it. Even when others aren’t there, he usually is. During the last couple of weeks sometime he went and that night it was just him and three instructors. He’s pretty dedicated to it and expects to get his black belt. I won’t even get into a discussion of martial arts weapons, but they use those too.

Now he’s in his room having a little cereal I think and decompressing in front of the computer.

I hear almost nothing from the neighbors so I guess their party is finally at an end. Not that they went all night, but today it certainly seemed like a continuation of yesterday started fairly early in the afternoon.

It’s finally cooling off. I know that some reading this will be jealous, but it was a little hot today. Yes. On Easter. I think it might have gotten to 84 fahrenheit today. Tonight it might get down to 52.

My tendency is to feel hot, so we generally have one of the windows open in our bedroom or the adjoining bathroom at night from March until November. I just run hot. Sometimes I’ll sleep with a blanket or comforter, but as the months pass I usually end up with the window open and just a sheet on me. I love feeling the cool air flow into my lungs when my body is warm enough. I do think some of it is being overweight, but a doctor I went to said that some of us are genetically predisposed to feel the heat more. It’s not like I have a fever. That can be measured. But I can be uncomfortably warm when others are just fine. I guess we’ll know when I really start to get old when I ask people to turn up the thermostat.

Our son agrees with me that we would rather be too cold so we can simply put some more clothing on. When you are too hot, naked is about as far as you can go. Though I guess I could ice myself down!

Lest I forget, Easter is a good time to turn over a new leaf. A great time for new beginnings. Whether you believe or not, consider what you might start anew today and if it’s too late for today, what about tomorrow.

You see, that sense of renewal is something we all can use. All we need to do is drop our cynicism or if not that, consider setting aside our deep hurt.

You can start over. If you want God’s help, just ask.

What can you start brand new today? Or what have you started recently that you can rededicate yourself to continuing?

Can you help someone start anew in some way?

Be renewed. Help someone renew. Start anew. You have my permission.


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