What’s In A Dream?

Some time ago if you asked me about my dreams I would say that sometimes I remember them and most of the time I don’t. Over the last couple of years it seems that my dreams have become more vivid and interesting more often. This has been especially true since I’ve started to think of myself as a writer.

Last night I had a very interesting dream where I travelled into the future. It felt so real. You could see me gradually fading away as I slipped from this time. This also affected stuff I had with me such as a coin.

If you were looking at me you would see me become more and more transparent until I disappeared into the future. Later I came back and my friend wanted to travel into the future as I had done. I told him it wasn’t as easy for him. He could travel there and when he got there he would have to donate a kidney to someone. Good news though. He would get a kidney back later. The big catch was that he would come back 24 years older. He would be able to experience life – to live those 24 years, but live them in the future.

He came back not too long after he left and he was 24 years older. Then I woke up or finished waking up. It was difficult to know exactly when I woke up.

How strange some dreams are.

I remember seeing a graph on GraphJam.com which showed you the different stages of how believable your dreams are.

When you’re asleep they usually seem perfectly logical. Then you wake up and it still seems plausible. As you drive to work it’s not quite so logical. By the time you get to work it just seems like a bunch of nonsense.

For me this gives me ideas for potential science fiction stories, but I still don’t know what it means.

I used to have a pastor that said maybe the best way to interpret dreams is to see everyone as you. Every person in your dream represents you. Maybe.

I think it’s more likely that you can get insights into yourself by asking what “comes up” for you when you think about different parts of the dream. But I’m no expert.

I am noticing a lot of sentences beginning with I. I wonder what THAT means!

Very tired today. Working on restricting my diet for a few days. No meat today.

Tomorrow maybe a little tuna and no sugar. All through this I’m using Isagenix products. I just had a shake for dinner about an hour ago.

When you’re getting healthier and sincerely attempting to drop some pounds there are some little things that can be a big help.

Somebody reminded me that if you eat dinner early relative to when you go to bed that that is a big help and really, it’s a small thing.

There’s a green drink I can have if I want something before bed. I’ll probably have some not too long after I finish writing.

Beachballs. Don’t know why that popped in there. I remember beachballs bouncing around at graduations at least since my older brother’s graduation in 1976. In recent years I’ve seen schools crack down on that behavior and I think I’ve even heard of a grad night being cancelled when students refused to stop. I think there’s been an overreaction to that type of behavior in recent years.

It seems like we’ve swung the pendulum too far in the direction of obedience to authority. Maybe we were slightly too far the other way in the 1970’s. I don’t know. It was a different time so (relativelY) soon after Watergate and respect for authority was low and drug use was high.

But beach balls? How much of a problem are they really? I think too many people in positions of authority are too uptight. Do we use that word anymore?

In school I was a good kid and I still ditched class when Star Trek the Motion Picture came out. We missed our afternoon classes to go down to the really big theater in San Diego. Five of us guys. I guess you would say I was a good nerd. But that was a big deal to us at the time.

We weren’t going to be valedictorians at that point, but four out of five of us were really smart cookies and the other guy was a slightly better than average student.

We were just having fun. No big deal. It’s not like that turned us into habitual ditchers.

That was definitely a different time.

Today I tutor high school students and most of them don’t even know what Star Trek is! Somebody might say, “Is that the movie with Darth Vader?” or “My uncle likes that I think.”

Live long and prosper. What?

And so many of them would not even have a clue that The Wrath of Khan has literary references to Milton’s Paradise Lost. Now I don’t recall if I ever read Paradise Lost completely. Probably not. But I know who Milton was and I know what Paradise Lost is.

There might be a few seniors who know who Milton is. Then again, maybe not.

And these students are going to college. 96% of them (so far – after 10 years) actually graduate from college with a 4-year degree.

Maybe they’ll learn Milton in college. There’s no guarantee of that these days either.

While I realize that so many today are graduating without the skills to benefit in the job market, r at least without the level of skills you would hope for when they have incurred such a cost to get those skills, I would think that they could learn more about the classics. And I know that there is more to literature than the classics. I discovered Chinua Achebe in college and was completely ignorant of him up to that point. And Rudolfo Anaya. I’m sure there are more, but like I mentioned before, I’m tired.

Maybe I should have a V8.


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