Watching Real Time And Writing

Full Friday! Toastmasters was great with 19 people in attendance. Shopping at the local market and Costco. Two locations of snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic for us) with my wife and and her co-workers after work. Now time for some politics and a little humor on television.

Sometimes this show is funnier than you might expect. Not so far tonight. Although Andrew Sullivan is occasionally funny. This is more like Hardball tonight.

Let’s get more general. How much do people watch television anymore? I think it’s at or near an all-time high cumulatively.

But, my son certainly uses the internet more than television. We had no idea when we got him a computer for his room that he would one day watch movies and television shows on it.

It’s interesting right now that writing is a little more difficult for me as the television drones on. It’s better than a drone right now, but you get the idea.

This could be related to multi-tasking. Did you know that research has shown that multi-tasking is an illusion. I don’t mean that people can’t multi-task. What they found is that when someone is engaged in more than one task, they effectiveness at performing each task is dimished. So, while lots of people THINK they are good at multi-tasking, they’re mostly doing a lot of stuff much less well than they could. I don’t really like the look of that last sentence but I think it’s accurate.

I’m only able to move as fast as I am at this moment because I’m mostly tuning out the show. From that standpoint, I’m not really multi-tasking.

Oooh, Fred Armisen is the guest panelist. Funny guy. I think I’ll rewatch this show later. For now, my wife seems to be enjoying it more than she usually does. She doesn’t like it when Bill Maher says something against religion. I think he has not done that as often recently.

I don’t agree with him on most of his religious commentary, but he does sometimes point out hypocrisy. I think it’s important for people of all religions to notice when they might be slipping into hypocrisy. What I’ve found is that this is not usually a welcome conversation. But if you can’t get religious people to examine their behaviors, who can you get to do that?

Today I’m surprised that I’m as tired as I am. I’ve typed through this before, so no problem there. It’s only a little after 7:30. Maybe I’ve been missing my minerals over the last couple days?

The dog has been chewing through the fence and digging at the base of it. What a clown, but I don’t really know what to do about it except put back the dirt he has dug up. I guess I can put some hot sauce on the fence. My wife says we’re keeping the dog and I don’t think she wants him inside all the time. I guess I can tie him up, but that breaks my heart. He has enough room in our backyard. I’m disappointed that he’s doing this when there’s so much to do in the backyard. It’s not like there are NO areas for him to dig.

Did I mention that he bit me a couple months ago? When I was growing up we would have gotten rid of a dog if he bit one of us. At least we would have if the dog bit me as much as he did. He didn’t tear my hand apart, but there are a couple spots where the little scars might be permanent. He didn’t want to go outside. Actually, my dad might have done worse than give the dog away if it happened during my teen years. He did shoot one of our dogs when it got out and killed the neighbor’s chickens.

My dad’s explanation was there was nothing you could do once the animal got the taste of blood from killing another animal. I don’t know if that’s true, but that’s what my dad said. He shot some dogs who were going after our llama and he had tears streaming down his face because he couldn’t find his rock salt shells to just send the dogs away in pain.

Most people don’t realize that dogs can turn into a pack when they are running around out in the country. We didn’t have quite as many friends after that. Or I should say that my parents lost a few friends. The sheriff came out and checked on the situation and he said my dad was perfectly within his rights to defend his animals on his land.

Take responsibility for your animals. And tomorrow I guess I’ll be digging in the dirt and maybe fixing a fence. Have a great weekend!


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