What To Write About At This Late Hour

The thing with this exercise is that you have to keep writing. No matter what. Just got the computer working again and I keep getting interrupted by these annoying reminders from Norton and what not. THAT thing is this. If Norton was doing its job then the computer wouldn’t be doing what it is doing so much.

Maybe tomorrow I can ask Norton why their product doesn’t fully work. For now I’m thinking about what to write about. It’s definitely tougher when it’s later at night and you’re trying to get it done before you go to bed and the son comes home and wants to know if you’ve got Chex and you say you will if he will just leave a note. LOL

Now he’s coming to ask about something after he shed some blood at karate. He’s definitely tough. I just didn’t expect my very smart son who wants to be a doctor to be so tough. He’s on his way to black belt and the whole journey will probably have taken 6 1/2 or 7 years by the time he’s done. He’s a brown belt with one stripe right now. I’ve been amazed at how much injury has gone on in this dojo. To be fair, the guy who was not the most merciful teacher/supervisor is gone now, but they are still really going at it.

When I took karate for about a year it didn’t seem to be this hardcore. It wasn’t a diploma mill, but maybe…I don’t know. Masayuki Shimabukuru was an impressive teacher and so was his sensei, but my son’s group seems to be pushing the envelope.

Maybe I’ve finally gotten to the point with this late in the day writing that I’m not making as much sense as I would like.

I was disappointed earlier today when I asked someone point blank what I thought was a pretty important question and they told me that their organization had no legacy of racism and when I got home I researched it online and sure enough, there it was. Back in the 1950s the government forced them to integrate their organization. It’s just not that hard to find that information out and I’m completely surprised that this guy is either ignorant or he lied. I have a hard time believing that he didn’t understand my question.

People don’t realize that it’s really, really hard to hide stuff like that any more.

I just expect more from people I guess.

But I don’t actually want this post to be all about that. It’s just that I don’t find much else coming into my head at the moment.

Perhaps I can talk a little about one of my science fiction ideas.

I have this idea of a group of aliens that come to help us and they really and truly are here to simply help us and the conflict comes because so many humans react badly to the aliens and end up attacking them. Their defenses simply direct explosions away from the area that they occupy and by default the damage hits other humans who are innocent bystanders.

I guess I see that happening in war sometimes. Or something LIKE that.

If we were better at negotiating we could possibly be involved in fewer wars. If that were the case, there would very likely be fewer innocent bystanders injured or killed. And we wouldn’t have someone so distorted after 3 tours of duty or more go nuts and shoot 16 people. Would we?

Too many times we seem to think that the solution is war and we don’t really seem to care all that much about collateral damage.

And then there are people who challenge your patriotism because you try to figure out a way to do things with less war. Or virtually no war. It’s preposterous.

Not attempting to affix blame here at all, but simply observing what has transpired….

Wouldn’t it have been better if we let the duly elected government in Iran stand in 1953 or whenever we had the CIA topple the government and install the Shah?

I remember mentioning this not too long after 911 and the person across from me who thought we were still fighting the communists said that “That was a long time ago!”

Well, I’m not saying that they were right to take over the embassy in the 1979 (I think that’s the correct time frame) and not give back the hostages until Reagan was president. (I’m not necessarily asserting a connection here.)

I’m simply saying that since we’re human beings and the Iranians are human beings, doesn’t it make sense that many of them would be pissed off about us putting the Shah in power at some point? I mean, he WAS a dictator! So what does it matter that this woman believed that this happened a long time ago. It’s not like it was 1500 years ago. At the time it was just 26 years.

If Japan had taken over California (I understand that this is a science fiction scenario, but…) during World War II and then been forced to give it back at the end of the war, don’t you think many of us who weren’t even born then would still be pissed off today?

The thing is…I think a lot of Americans – probably NOT a majority, but a lot – think that if WE, as Americans, have some reaction of anger to some wrong done to us, then it’s somehow usually or always righteous anger. But if another country has that same kind of anger and it’s directed toward us or maybe our allies, well, then, that country just has to suck it up or get over it.

IF that’s how people feel or think, then doesn’t that seem simply unfair on it’s face. I mean, because, we’re ALL human beings with feelings and our bodies, our physiology functions the same way for the most part except for things like susceptibility to certain diseases like Tay-Sachs or whatever.

If we are ALL human beings and all allowed the same rights to our feelings, then maybe we ought to have more diplomacy more often.

Not EVERYONE who disagrees with us are simply irrational crazies.

In fact, almost all of them behave in pretty rational ways given their particular circumstances.

You could possibly make a comparison to abused children and what they might have to do to cope in that situation. Their behavior might seem pretty unusual if you didn’t know that they were abused to begin with. Once you know that, the patterns in their behavior begin to make sense.

This reminds me of Sting’s song “Russians.”

The one where he sang “I hope the Russians love their children, too.”

Remember that?

We all love our children, except for some very damaged people.

I just don’t believe that all Iranians or even that many are VERY damaged people.

Though I guess I could lean that way in Achmadinejad’s case. 😉


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