What About Writing When You’re Sick?

Not sure exactly what’s going on with me, but I’m not close to 100%. My wife’s a teacher and sometimes there’s a lot going around. Or a lot of the time there’s something going around. But this is one of the great things about a computer. You can write. Make yourself sit down to write. And type away.

Soon it will be in the upper 30’s or maybe 40 degrees. It’s so amazing to have these temperature changes. Not too long ago it was near 80 degrees. But rain or shine, heat or cold, blizzard or flood (ok, maybe not flood) – write.

I guess the idea of this exercise is to turn this into a muscle of sorts. You keep writing no matter what comes out. I think today is day 27 so maybe I’ll be getting somewhere soon. Actually, I know I will. I talked with a gentleman today who has a great story about surviving cancer. In fact, he has survived it twice. He was interested in my book of stories of redemption in people’s lives. Tomorrow I definitely want to send out emails to all those who have expressed interest so far.

I feel hot even though I don’t have a temperature. My doctor said that some of us are genetically wired that way. He has the same thing. It’s just weird that I’ve never heard of it until I spoke with him. Have you? I’ve never seen a report of people who feel hot virtually all the time and no one can tell they are hot except them. I mean, except for menopause, but I’m pretty sure I’m not a candidate for that and, it’s not really for a short period of time. It’s pretty much constant.

Sometimes I don’t notice it because you know how when something is constant you stop noticing it.

Kind of reminds me of The Blues Brothers when Elwood brings Jake home from prison to his place, which I guess you might call a flophouse. His miniscule room is right next to the elevated train and when it goes by the room shakes almost like an earthquake. Jake asks him how often it goes by after he first experiences the big shake up. Elwood responds, “So often you won’t even notice.”

That’s what happens in our bodies with say, the sensation of leaning up against something. Maybe you feel it along your arm from your shoulder to your elbow where you’re making contact, but after a while your body (and your mind) have other things to pay attention to and then you don’t really notice it unless you focus your attention on it. I’m pretty sure this is not just anecdotal evidence. If you ever took physiological psychology I’ll bet that professor would know how to explain it in scientific terms.

The “heat” in my body seems to be that way. Or the feeling of being hot, I mean. Sometimes it even hurts just a little. Maybe it’s build up of acid, but hopefully it’s no big deal. My doctor doesn’t think there’s a problem with it.

BUT, I just had a conversation today with the man I mentioned above and he told me about not finding out that his PSA was high until it was 29 and if he had found out earlier it could have been a 5. He said anything 2 or over you have to watch out for. I don’t recall what it stands for or even if the term I have is correct, but his point was that we should get after a problem earlier. I don’t think he was too happy with his doctor about not giving him a certain test.

He said that Dan Fogelberg died of prostate cancer in his 40’s and many doctors don’t give you a test until you’re 50, but it only costs something like $18. I think I’ve got that right. So he says you should have the test even if you have to pay for it, because it’s only $18 and you could find out about prostate cancer early or establish a baseline.

To be fair, right now I’m sick (AND tired) and all of this information might be completely accurate or it might be a little off. But it still seems like men should ask their doctor to give them the test to check for prostate cancer for $18.

Back in the early to mid 1990s I worked in casinos and card clubs here in California and I am familiar with risk. To me, that little amount of money versus the potential hazard is well worth it. So what if your insurance doesn’t cover it because you’re not old enough. Get that done instead of taking your honey to the movies once. My guess is that she’ll be just fine with the trade-off. And if she’s not, well…maybe find a new honey.


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