Writing And Watching Basketball

Just a reminder again that what I’m doing is in the style of Julia Cameron’s morning pages exercise. Right now I’m watching March Madness out of the corner of my eye and moving my fingers along the keyboard. I’m supposed to put a roast in the oven in less than 1/2 an hour. We’ll see how many words I get written before I turn it on. That reminds me – I guess I should go preheat the oven right now.

OK. That should warm things up a bit. Our house is great in the summer because it’s colder than the weather outside. But that’s also true the rest of the year. I’m hoping the sun comes out to stay this afternoon and then maybe I’ll take off this second pair of socks. LOL

We have a lot of birthdays in February and March in our family and my brother and sister-in-law are coming over in a few hours. My nieces should be here, too. That means my grand nephew will be here along with his dad, my niece’s fiance. It’s nice to finally have a place that’s big enough to have people over.

We’ve had some nice parties here over the last year or so.

My wife and I rarely drink and we have actually had a good time playing board games with our family, though they tend to bring their own alcohol. I guess that means they have a good time while they play games like Taboo or Bananagrams, but you reach a point where you aren’t able to play the game so well. 😉

I’ve never really liked the taste of alcohol very much and I’ve seen some people who say, “That’s not the point!” Well, I guess on average I’m a happy guy, though I do have dark enough thoughts to consider writing some interesting fantasy and science fiction. I guess I see alcohol as a way of coping with life and I think we can do better than that. I do have faith in God and that certainly helps, but I know lots of people who share my beliefs who drink much more than I do. On average I have about two drinks a year. My wife drinks even less, though she took a little nip in her coffee on St. Patrick’s Day. I think it confirmed her belief that it doesn’t really do much for her.

Another reason I think many people drink is peer pressure. I’ve been fortunate to have people in my life who are completely fine with me drinking nonalcoholic drinks while they imbibe. Not just family, but people I worked with during my young adult years.

When I was around 20 I worked with people at Licorice Pizza in Escondido and they played a game called Zoom, Schwartz, Bufigliano. They let me play with 7-Up and no one seemed bent out of shape because I was drinking soda while they drank their shots. And these guys used to party a lot. By the way, if I remember the rules correctly, ZSC was a drinking game where you Zoomed someone and and they had to say “Schwartz” back to you. If they messed up by saying something else, they had to take a drink. If they did it right, you had to Zoom someone else who had to give the correct reply just like the first guy. And I’m pretty sure we were all guys at this drinking party. The first rule was that you couldn’t Zoom a Zoom and that was the typical mistake. Someone said, “Zoom” and instead of saying “Schwartz” back, the person typically said, “Zoom!” You never zoom a zoom or you take a drink. This was a long time before that song with “Zooma Zoom Zoom in the Boom Boom room” or whatever it says. Bufigliano was a fake. This worked better and better the more people had to drink. (I just took a break to put the roast in. Can hardly wait. Keep in mind that this writing process is really loose. You want to keep getting words onto the page every day no matter what.) When you were expecting someone to say something to you and they did, you might respond with “Schwartz” and think you did it just right, but if the starter said “Bufigliano!” instead of “Zoom,” well, you had to take a drink. It might seem pretty stupid or silly, but the more you drank, the harder it was to respond correctly.

That was something for me at the time. That these guys let me in on their game and didn’t ridicule me for not drinking. Pretty nice guys I thought at the time and still do.

You’ve probably encountered people who are the opposite. I won’t ask you if you are one, but when someone expects you to drink because they are drinking, that is a signal to me that that person is insecure about drinking. This goes back to my theory about denial in our culture. If you’re in denial that you have a problem, you don’t necessarily want someone around you to NOT have that problem as it makes it more obvious that maybe you do.

That’s similar or related to alcoholics who hang out with bigger alcoholics because they can look at that person and say, “Well, I’m not like so-and-so so I don’t have a problem.”

I’m not even saying that most people who drink have a problem. I’m just saying that if you never consider the possibility that you have a problem with drinking and you drink regularly, you might want to at least take a look at it from a medical or psychological perspective. Don’t ask your peers who drink as much or more than you.

Bonus! A guy who rarely drinks just taught you a drinking game! LOL


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