I’m A Little Bent Out Of Shape Tonight

For the last nearly two and a half years I’ve been doing something that I’ve found very rewarding and you can do it for FREE. There will be time involved because you will actually have to register at a website, but let me tell you why it’s worth it. You get to help change people’s lives for the better and again, at this very moment it’s FREE. This is not a scam.

And I know that often when someone says it’s not a scam, it is. But you have to have a little more faith in humanity. By the way, it’s NOT free for me. I’ve been loaning money to microentrepeneurs around the world for nearly – well, you can see how long in the first sentence above.

Probably until tomorrow night around 9 pm Pacific this will still be going on.

My question is – if you could help someone with SOMEONE ELSE’S resources – WHY ON EARTH WOULDN’T YOU?

Please drop your skepticism. This is not a business opportunity. I don’t make any money at it. I help people and the best I can do is break even because I get zero percent interest on the loans. Consider it charity if you wish, except for a few hours more, you can do it for free. I don’t know exactly when the funds will run out, but THIS is how it goes…

Reed Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIN. Maybe you’ve heard of it. I HOPE you’ve heard of it. Anyway, he’s a millionaire several times over to put it in the most conservative terms possible. Reed Hoffman is giving his money so that 38,000 people can make $25 loans to people around the world. Please do not think at this moment about getting $25 for yourself. You’re probably not doing that, but it’s discouraging how many people do and when they find out the money doesn’t actually go to them, they are not interested. Yikes!

You get the privilege of helping someone by using SOMEONE ELSE’S money! Now, as I type this there are just over 16,000 slots left. So as I mentioned before, I don’t know exactly when the money will run out, but my guess is 24 hours from now. Earlier I estimated in just 12 hours from now, but it looks like things have slowed down a bit. ALTHOUGH, maybe that’s just because it’s nighttime in North America and Watch Out! tomorrow morning.

The thing is like this…I have, er, my alien buddy has a Twitter Account with over 10,000 followers and as far as I can tell – NO ONE following on Twitter has bothered to sign up for the REAL OPPORTUNITY. A couple people retweeted a message, but either they didn’t sign up OR they already are participating and therefor are ineligible as you can only sign up once.

I think I’ve mentioned Kiva before and here’s the link:

When you follow this link, you get the chance to sign up for FREE and then loan $25 of Reed Hoffman’s money to a microentrepreneur somewhere in the world. The first woman that I loaned to in October of 2009 was in Guam and I think I’ve loaned to 18 or 19 countries so far. My personal preference is to loan to women or women majority groups, but you can loan to who you like. DID I MENTION THAT YOU’LL BE USING REED HOFFMAN’S MONEY?

Honestly, I can’t believe so few people that I know or that I have communicated with have participated. I just checked and the grand total during this last week or so is…2! One woman is in Canada and God Bless Her – I sent a message out over Facebook to my 2600 or so connections and she alone signed up through that message. Then, tonight, after having conversations with several people, one signed up.

Really? Well, really, I am grateful to those two people. Honestly I am. I am simply underwhelmed by the response of others. By the way, I didn’t start out so exasperated when communicating with people. It’s taken me a week to get here! LOL

My nephew just came in the door from school and he’s going to sign up! Yes! But…I looked back at the Kiva page and about 500 more loans have gone out in the last 15 minutes. So maybe the money will be gone before 9 am! I don’t know at this point.

I definitely would not mind if the readers of this blog restored my faith in humanity and went ahead and followed the link above and signed up.

How conservative do you have to be NOT to be willing to help someone with SOMEONE ELSE’S MONEY? I mean…really? REALLY?

Can you possibly be so busy that you aren’t willing to follow a link to get a $25 free trial?

There is no catch. I’m pretty tired now and I promise to make a sincere effort to make my post a NON-rant. Just do it, ok?

I wish I could think of something funny to say, but there’s this- my nephew just finished filling out the form and he loaned the $25 of Reed Hoffman’s money to a woman in the Phillipines! Cool!


2 responses

  1. I’m helping a group of woman in Mexico. I think this is a very good thing to do.

  2. Thanks for doing that, Shirley! I’ll bet it wasn’t that difficult to register, too!

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