Commenters On My Birthday

Today is my 49th birthday and I’ve started to notice that I’m getting more followers. Is this a function of Twitter alone or am I getting more interesting? Or is my writing getting more interesting even if I am not. Oops. Long pause there. I don’t think you’re supposed to do that with Julia Cameron’s morning pages. Where was I?

It IS my birthday, so it would be nice if more people commented today. So THAT is the extent of my appeal. I’m told that when you ask people to be your followers or to comment, it’s not as strong as when they do it on their own. I’ve noticed a lot of people on Twitter asking people to follow because they follow back. Lots of them don’t have more than 1000 followers. I have also noticed that if you simply follow people, most follow you back. Some have quite a few followers and aren’t following very many people. I think that’s an ego thing. Guy Kawasaki is an interesting guy to follow, IMHO, and he is a very successful entrepreneur. He has just a few percentage points more followers than the number of people he follows. Last time I looked he had more than 120,000 followers, I think. So I urge everyone to emulate guy Kawasaki IF you want more followers. Don’t worry if the number of followers and following are similar. So we’re not all Angelina Jolie. On the other hand, I had a guy yesterday say that he didn’t really need any more followers right now.

That seemed sort of a waste of time. He didn’t block me or Tweet Geist Guy. Why would he go to the trouble of telling either of us that? Just let it go. I just heard the familiar bloopy sound from Facebook. Someone is trying to talk with me, but I’m determined to do my morning pages before I do anything else today. OK. I had a little yogurt first. I really am digging this, though. It’s much easier than when I did it years ago. Maybe I just had to get rid of the judgement. I studied Marshall Rosenberg some a few years back. He wrote Nonviolent Communication. If you really take it to heart, you will find yourself judging less. And then, you can start to apply it to yourself, too! So what if this doesn’t impress everybody. It’s not going to impress everyone. Even if you write something that impresses vast numbers of people, you may still have to contend with people like Fran Leibowitz. I watched most of a documentary last night about her. Actually, it was mostly her talking. She loves to talk and she’s good at it. She is judgemental and she thinks that’s a good thing. Maybe judging is good for some things. Like understanding quality. But, if lots of people are making a living or a partial living because of writing and she doesn’t think much of what they write, that’s ok. People have to make a living. At least, 99% of us do. Or maybe 97%. I don’t know the exact percentage of people who can live the life they want to live and simply live off the interest on their investments. I won’t get technical there, but you know what I mean.

There are people who no longer have to work, but they have to curtail their lifestyle quite a bit in order to do so. I’m not actually referring to them. I have no problem with people living simply if they want to do that. Unfortunately, too many people are not in a position to choose. However, if you read, that can be an inexpensive form of entertainment. (Most people can figure out a way to make stuff more expensive if they try…) I hope more people are reading these days. I know some aren’t, but aren’t more people becoming more educated in the U.S. and around the world? More educated people would seem to mean more readers. I’m not exactly sure where I’m going with this…

I’ve encountered people who say that they’re bored. READ. It seems so simple. I do feel sorry for those who truly have a learning disability that interferes with reading. But, what’s the real percentage? Aren’t many people simply making a choice NOT to read? I made a choice for years at a time not to write. There were smatterings here and there, but now I’ve finally made a choice. I made a choice months back to read the 23rd Psalm everyday and that evolved into often reciting/praying it in my head. Maybe I’ll still be doing these morning pages when I am writing something that turns into a book. A work of fiction. And/or a collection of stories. Which reminds me. I am looking for story contributors. This won’t be a work of fiction. I am looking for people to contribute stories of redemption in their lives or the lives of others. I would prefer to speak to the “horse’s mouth” whenever possible. So…do you have a story of redemption in your life or do you know someone? I want to get this published by December 30th.

In this way you can help me…invite your friends to follow my blog. Just for the reason that they might have a story of redemption or they might know someone. That would be a great birthday present. Lots of people following my blog for the purpose of helping me get this book published. It will be a collection of real stories about redemption in the live’s of real people. Maybe someday I’ll create a collection of fictional stories of redemption, but for now, let’s stick with nonfiction. If you are reading this, this would be way cool. I didn’t plan this. It just came out during this morning pages session. I don’t mean that I didn’t plan on putting together a book like this. I originally got the courage to tell a couple friends a little over two years ago. I just haven’t found a really effective way of getting the word out before. It seems to me that a lot of writers that I encounter online do, in fact, help each other in ways similar to this.

So, WHO do you know that has a story of redemption or who might you know or who do you know that MIGHT have a story like this? You can put them in touch with me. You can have them follow my blog. I’m – so there are ways you can contact me.

I’ve had a vision of a fictional story where a lot of people help someone build a castle-like structure. After it’s built, the group helps another person do something similar. We could do that for each other. Will you come alongside me and help me finish this book of true stories? Then, we can all get together and help someone else. And so on, and so on.
We could be doing something good for each other. And, it doesn’t mean that every work will be the most incredible work of art that everyone will approve of as a literary masterpiece. We might please Fran Leibowitz, but my guess is that she’s pretty hard to please. I’m not sure what she thinks about redemption. She does say that she approves very much of revenge and she’s not that fond of forgiveness, it seems. She’s very interesting, but probably not interested. So, let’s invite people who might be interested. What say you? Don’t forget – and here’s my shameless appeal – it’s my birthday!


14 responses

  1. Happy Birthday! Best of luck with your literary goals!

  2. Happy Birthday, Charles. You have me beat, hitting 49, by about 8 months. I like your idea of working along side other authors to help them achieve their goals. I have a redemption story, but it’s pretty controversial. Here’s my email if you want to know more:

  3. Well, anyway, have a very happy birthday, Charles! I went through a childhood phase – (remember that song, My Darling Clementine? ‘dwelt a miner, forty-niner’?) when I thought all miners were aged forty-nine. Not that it matters – I just thought.

  4. hello charles happy birthday and thank you for the follow on twitter πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you! The Follow? You must be referring to my alien friend, Tweet Geist Guy! I’m @CNetwork1 πŸ™‚

  5. Happy Birthday!!
    I’ve been told my life is quiet a story indeed. What type of submissions are you looking for? Shorts or full length? Do you have a word count expectation or limitation? Mine starts at birth and only pieces have been written or shared. I only share it to glorify my God & Savior Jesus Christ!

  6. Happy Birthday!!!!!

  7. “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday…” Oh wait, you can’t hear me, oh well, probably a good thing.

    1. Thanks for the thought! πŸ™‚

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