I’ve already commented so I’ll just be a little immature and say, “It’s my birthday, it’s my birthday, uh-huh, it’s my birthday!”


Words are like local shops – it’s a case of use them or lose them. I was shocked to hear that ‘charabanc’ and ‘aerodrome’ have been expunged from the Oxford English Dictionary. But how can that be, when there is a sign for Haverfordwest Aerodrome just down the road from here? And last summer Marc and I went with a couple of friends on what can only be called a charabanc, a (hilarious) local coach trip to the Brecon canal. 

But clearly we didn’t use charabanc or aerodrome enough so both those have gone and the problem is that once they have gone, however much we suddenly realise we loved them, we can’t easily get them back. 

The people behind the  ‘shop local’ organisation are trying to promote local shops and businesses, maybe we should have a similar campaign for words. Some kind of system of encouraging people to use…

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, thanks for the comments. Yes, not so much obscure and underused. I tweet one of my favourite #words everyday now, it would be great if you’s use them too?

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you are having a super duper awesome day!

    1. Thanks! Just got back from lunch with my son! 🙂

  3. Belated Happy Birthday, sorry if I am a little late, I love the post you reblog thanks for sharing this one…

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