A View From The Other Side Of The Bed

Today I’m writing while reclining on my wife’s side of the bed. The right side – of course!
Nice afternoon. Breeze & sunshine flowing through the bedroom. Reflection of water shimmering
on the ceiling. The pool is still too cold, but give it a couple months.

I wonder what the dog is doing right now. He seems to dig when we aren’t watching. I’ve heard
that you can get cats to stop doing something when they see you and they will start right up
again when you’re gone. UNLESS you use the “hand of God” method with a spray bottle or something
and that teaches them that they are not going to get away with it, period! You have to make sure
that they don’t see you or it goes right back to “Are they gone now?”

Maybe it works the same way with dogs. I am not a dog whisperer, so I don’t really know. We love
our dog, but we never thought we’d have a dog like this. He was supposed to be 1/2 labrador
retriever and 1/2 golden retriever, but his great-grandma must have been chow or maybe she dated
a chow. I always assumed that if my dog bit me I would get rid of it.

Some of you may find this harsh, but I’m pretty sure my dad would have shot it and buried it in
the back yard. A couple months back our dog, Mellow, apparently did not want to go outside at
that particular moment and he interpreted my attempt to get him to leave my room as threatening
and he bit my hand quite noticeably.

I felt faint after the tussle and went in to take a shower. I washed the blood off and even took
a picture after I felt more normal. You can see it on my public figure profile on Facebook. If
there’s any interest I’ll post the link in the comments section.

After my wife and son got home we went out to dinner at The Olde Spaghetti Factory and after that
I went to the doctor and got a tetanus shot. I was not happy with the dog for a little while and
didn’t feed him or do much for him for a couple days (my wife did). But I got over it and we
kept him. I think my mistake was that I didn’t have any fear, so I wasn’t cautious enough.

If the lady at the credit union had been honest with us we might never have decided to take a look
at her puppies. Mellow was really the quiet black one in the corner when we went to check them
out. He seemed really sweet.

He rode home in the cardboard box at our feet. He was really precious as most puppies are. Not
too long after he started to grow we noticed that he didn’t really like our son. He was jealous.
Our son didn’t have that much experience with dogs and didn’t really know what to make of it, so
he just tended to stay away from the dog. They never build a good relationship and he growls
when he smells our son much of the time.

Mellow absolutely loves my wife and I, though I am the favorite. We are his pack and he doesn’t
like that we insist that our son is part of the pack.

Not too many months after we got the dog my wife took him for a walk and got the metal chain
wrapped around her fingers. Another dog came by and Mellow noticed and he took off running after
the other dog. He snapped my wife’s finger and she came to my crying. Her finger was almost at
a right angle to the others and I was not pleased and very concerned. I found out that the
reason she was crying was because she thought that I would get rid of our dog.

I could see that she really wanted to keep him and it wasn’t really his fault. He was a growing
puppy and just ran off. It was just unfortunate that she had the chain wrapped around her

When he was really small I remember our neighbors asked if we could bring him over to see their
dog and my wife was concerned because of something she read about a dog’s immune system. So,
I begged off until he was bigger, but I don’t think those neighbors were very happy with me.
I wondered if they thought that I had something against them and all that was really happening
was that I was pleasing my wife. Later on Mellow was way too big to play with their little
white dog. To compound matters he had an encounter with another little white dog when he was
very small and after that dog bit him he didn’t want to have anything to do with little white
dogs. Actually, that’s not completely true. After that he would have liked to fight with
little white dogs had we let him.

We never got him neutered. We just keep an eye on him. I think the laws are too restrictive
around this. We pay more each year because he is not neutered. My belief is that you are
responsible for your animals. You keep them under control or THEN you are fined. Our dog
has never impregnated another dog. I don’t think he has ever been close enough to a dog in
heat. To me, this is about personal responsibility.

Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s ridiculous that some people have truly dangerous dogs. If
my dog ever bit someone else and the authorities wanted to have him destroyed, I would accept
it. The fault would be mine. I can’t believe that people walk down the street with dogs
that are ready to tear your head off or at least tear into you.

How can you have an animal as a pet that is a real and present danger to other human beings?
Or at the very least, how can you not confine that animal to a backyard where only a
trespasser would potentially pay a penalty when they encountered the animal? People who get
a kick out of having a truly vicious animal? They should go to jail if their animal attacks
someone when they are out walking it.

We need to care more for our fellow humans. At least, that’s what I think.


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