You Can Do It On A Train

Just like Dr. Seuss said in Green Eggs & Ham. Or you can do it on the kitchen table like me. Did Erma Bombeck write here? You can write many, many places and I suggest you do.
Wow. This is my third day of this exercise. It can be this easy if you simply let go of the idea that you have to write something that makes sense. It doesn’t even have to be words.

I guess this is related to brainstorming. You might not know that when you brainstorm, the first part of the process contains no criticism whatsoever. The criticism will often stifle the flow of ideas. You can winnow them down later. Right now, building a moon base for 14,000 people is ok. That’s here – in the idea stage. NOT in the public debate stage!

That does bring me to this year’s crop of presidential wanna-bes. I do sort of feel sorry for the Republican party because it’s part of the American system and our system deserves better. I forget who said it but, they really do seem like a bunch of junior varsity at best. I don’t vote Republican for president. I would have voted for John Anderson in 1980 when I was 17, but that was a phase. Still, our system should have a capable candidate from either side. Many would argue that that didn’t happen in the two elections prior to Obama, but I’m sincere. I don’t think it’s good for the American system to have less than presidential presidential candidates.
And I’m not talking about simple partisanship. Some people will never admit that Obama is presidential. Gee. I wonder why?

When I sat down I didn’t know that politics would come out. Interesting. But maybe I should talk about Game of Thrones or something.

I have been blown away at the characters who died in the first season. I haven’t read the books and couldn’t have imagined that three big characters (as I saw them) are gone.

Maybe it’s because of my age. I told my son yesterday that maybe my age makes me view those around my age as leaders. Or maybe I see those as significantly younger than me as non-leaders or non-stars. Do I do that in real life, too? Something to consider.

Is that what some older people are doing to Obama and (presumably) others?

I do believe that there is still a lot of prejudice in this country and I live in California! It’s just that people tend to overlook their prejudice. Or they say, “That’s not prejudice. I’m not hanging someone from a tree, for God’s sake!”

A while back I had a discussion with a couple friends with whom I met regularly and I said that I think there are patterns of behavior in families and that if you come from a family that was abused (putting it mildly, I know) by slavery, there oould still be repercussions (still putting it mildly) today.

While one of my friends didn’t say it overtly, it seemed to me that he didn’t really buy it or thought the effect would be negligible or just didn’t really see this as something we had to do anything about. I think a lot of people wonder about many things that seem so big or intractable and decide to throw up their hands.

Here’s the thing – even when you throw up your hands and say that there is nothing that YOU can do personally, that doesn’t mean that the problem goes away by itself.

Pretending that it’s not there is one level, it seems to me. Actually saying overtly that it doesn’t exist is a lot different than choosing to look away.

I honestly don’t know exactly where I’m going with this. This is a writing exercise and this came out.

When I did this type of thing in the 1990s I would probably have a lot more literal gibberish or swearing. Hopefully, the incredibly poor use of the word literally in recent years won’t create any confusion here.

That amazes me. So many people use the word “literally” and they clearly don’t mean literally. I think they might resort to saying “literally literally” when they actually mean it.

I don’t literally think I’m a great writer. I do believe that I could be some day. And I can fall back here on “this is an exercise” as I am mostly editing in my head and I just keep going. This is because I do want to be a writer. I’m working through some stuff here.

Still hate it when everything disappears on this Sony VAIO because my hands are too big and I somehow rested some part of me on the wrong part of the keyboard. At least I expect it now.

Somewhere inside of me I wonder if what I write here will somehow come around full circle. Not counting on it. Wondering though.

Over the years I think I’ve forgotten how to punctuate properly. Maybe I overuse commas and parentheses or whatever. Wait.

There’s another word. Whatever.

Especially when you say, “WHATever…”

Now that magically disappearing screen I did not expect. That one actually concerned me a little bit. Just for a second I thought I might actually lose all this stuff. There!
It did it again. I have to remember that WordPress has my back.


Actually, that’s not true about WordPress. I do not think “whatever” when it comes to WordPress. I’m so glad I rediscovered it. Amazing that it’s free. I know that you can pay more if your website ends in .com instead of and that’s fine. But, I think you’re paying the hosting and domain name company, right?

WordPress is elegant. Beautiful.

Yesterday I noticed something that is 165 degrees opposite. 7-Eleven.

Not perfectly opposite. There’s just so much that’s screaming for your attention in those bright colors and packaging.

Is your 7-Eleven like that?

Is this whole thing a digression?

What is this supposed to look like.

I guess it’s supposed to look like wwhatever comes out. I think I’ll leave that extra w in there. I should have checked to see when I started this exercise.

That might be interesting. And, for those of you who might be skeptical, I have simply kept writing whatever comes out with small pauses.

OK. That little interruption by my computer was just crazy. Who do they make these keyboards for?

I took typing class in 7th grade at Oak Crest in Encinitas, CA. I learned how to type fairly well with a man who might be described as 3 parts Fred Flintstone & 1 part Frankenstein.

I’m only talking looks here. He was professional and nice enough. I’m pretty sure he only taught typing. Maybe he was a coach of some kind, too.

Where did my thinking about Game of Thrones go?

I know that not everyone wants to see all that graphic stuff on HBO, but I think the story is at least good.

Though why did King Robert talk to Ned alone? Why? Why? Why?

Couldn’t he have had some witnesses?

My kingdom for a witness.

Everything changes because he spoke to Ned alone.

Was he simply that unwise? Maybe. Maybe that’s pretty consistent with his character in the show.

Of course, if they lived happily ever after we would have a show.

That’s the challenge with my novel about aliens among us. Where’s the conflict?

I have some conflict ready for the second book. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am writing a series of books.

I need to get more of the ideas out of my head and onto the computer screen.

I guess this writing electronically isn’t so bad.

Part of me misses writing on paper.

Of course, (I just erased and rewrote it the same way – exercise, you know) now I forgot what I was saying.

Yes, I AM almost 49 and both my grandfathers died in the 40s. So what. Doesn’t bother me.

Hardly notice. Except for using Isagenix for 20 months and maybe…I should go for a walk after this.

Shower later. Yeah. That sounds like what I should do.

And I’ll be Toastmaster later. 11 Years as a Toastmaster. Who’da thunk it?

Now I say I want to write because I want to write. NOT because having a book allows you to speak “behind” it.

Boy, there has been a lot of crap written for money.

Mark Twain wrote for money. All the time.

But, how much of it would we actually call crap?

Not much I’ll bet.

Maybe that’s part of the problem with where the Republican party is at. The money.

Is that why we’re getting a lot of crap?


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