Writing When You’re Tired Is Possible

I’m doing it right now.  I don’t just mean physically tired, but when you can feel the fatigue in your brain. I remember reading “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron years ago and she says that you want to write every day.  No matter what.  If what comes out is gibberish, so be it.

Write no matter what for 30 days and see what happens.

What happens is that the habit helps you.

Less of what you write is nonsensical and more and more of it makes sense.

All you have do is write.

If the changes in the back office of WordPress have set you back on your heels, that’s ok.

Write about that.

If your right ankle or heel are hurting, you are free to write about that.

Although you could maybe uncross your feet and see if that helps.

If you think your paragraphs aren’t proper, that’s ok.

If Sony VAIO should be renamed Sony VOMIT, just put pen to paper.

If it doesn’t make sense the way you KNOW you can – go ahead.

If your punctuation is not looking good…do it anyway.

Whether someone likes it is not the point.

Writing is the point.  Do the exercise as I am doing it now.

Years ago I wouldn’t have even thought of attempting to be instructive

in the middle of an exercise like this.

Yet here I am.

Amazingly, my wife and son left me alone instead of taking me along to Trader Joe’s.

So here I am. Desperately seeking growth.  Though I miss Susan. 😉

ASDF is acceptable.

You see.  You have to get out the stuff that’s in the way to get to the great stuff.

So, my apologies. I want to BE a writer and I know I have a way to go.

Are you a writer?  Would this exercise help you?

I like potatoes! No! You’re ruinin’ it!

Thanks, big funny man whose name escapes me right now.

I started this in December, really.

That’s when I let a space alien speak through me on Twitter.

Twitter, er, TweetGeistGuy has been a help in opening me up creatively.

Maybe Sony VAIO sucking is helping me, too!

And Donald Yap! And Fran Cannon! And my wife?!

I’m so glad we went to Big Bear this last weekend.

It was so nice to be among Democrats! LOL

But, it doesn’t matter who you vote for if you want to write.

Just write.  And keep on writing.

Find an exercise that works for you.

I recommend Julia Cameron.

Maybe you’re a fan of somebody else.

We’re all attempting to do something we haven’t done before.

For some of you it’s writing.  For some writers maybe it’s skydiving.

Put it out there. Take a risk. Let it flow.

Make your dreams and maybe someone else’s dreams come true.



3 responses

  1. Someone once told me if you can’t think of anything original to write, type out nursery rhymes, or song lyrics…anything to be at the keyboard writing. Eventually you’ll get tired of doing that and start working on what you should be writing. 🙂

  2. Here’s to vomitus maximus on digital (because, gee, ‘on paper’ isn’t all that applicable anymore, is it?)! And you’re right. Tiredness is just an excuse. It’s totally possible to write bleary-eyed, slouched on your chair. You might be delightfully surprised at what ends up on the screen.

  3. I believe that Julia Cameron would say that you WILL be delightfully surprised at some point and the exercise is what you SHOULD be writing because you will get into the flow after 30 days or so. I don’t think the idea is for you to get tired of it. As long as what you are doing WORKS… 🙂

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