Great Moment In History! Eyes Wide Open!

Andy Holloman - Dad, Writer, Goofball

I’m like a lot of folks in that a song can trigger a flood of feelings and memories.  I bought an old one that I dearly love that came out around 1991-1992 by Jesus Jones – “Right Here, Right Now.”  (here’s the video if you’d like to refresh your memory –  click here to watch   )   Go ahead, I’ll wait, I know you want to hear it !!

Big Bad Russia

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  1. hey charles, thanks for the re-post, glad u liked it

  2. We have our age in common. I will turn 49 on the 28th. I remember that as an amazing and hopeful time and sometimes find it hard to believe what we have seen after the turn of the 21st century. Whatever happened to the “peace dividend”? 😉

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